My 2017 Otome Game Awards

After backtracking the otome games I’ve played over last year, it’s that time of the year to make my own otome game awards and ranking based on the ones I’ve played all throughout 2017. The categories used are almost still the same with Dengeki Girl’s Style Otome Game Awards with additional ones base on my own liking, lol. Also be warned that some photos used may contain spoilers, since they’re from my screenshots一you’ve been warned! |_・) Continue reading

2017 Gaming & Top 10

The year of 2017 has ended and here’s my gaming overview for those I managed to play within the year. Before I forget, please expect this post to be long and photo heavyー2017 ended up to be an okay year and wow, I finished a whooping number of 29 games all in all in that year! That’s like.. already a lot for me, lolーalso 2017 was the year I got a PS4! After setting aside and saving up, I finally bought my own to be able to play more RPGs and upcoming new generations of games to come. Also, if in case Otomate completely ports their otome games to the PS4 so.. ( ´ ▽ `;)

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