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Mobile Game Review : Tears of Themis & CBT (EN) Impressions

Original Title : 未定事件簿 (Weiding Shijian Bu)
EN Official Title : Tears of Themis (Official Site)

Oh no, I thought I was safe but miHoYo has me by the throat.
ONE FEAR (º □ º l|l)

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Otome Game Review : Hakuouki Yuugiroku Taishitachi no Daienkai

Original Title : 薄桜鬼 遊戯録 隊士達の大宴会
Romaji : Hakuouki Yuugiroku Taishi-tachi no Daienkai (Official Site)

Any texts and images in this post may contain spoilers, you’ve been warned. |_・)

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Unboxing : Collar x Malice -Unlimited- Limited Edition Animega Set

Look at everyone already posting their thoughts on Collar x Malice FD while I’m just about to post my unboxing for the game, lol. I want to play it so bad already but I’m still bound tight to my studies.. I’m tired, let me live… _(:3」∠)_ Continue reading “Unboxing : Collar x Malice -Unlimited- Limited Edition Animega Set”

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Unboxing : Code:Realize ~Future Blessing~ Limited Edition (NA)

I actually had no plans on getting the LE but since my sister wanted this edition, I had no choice but to go with her decision, thus resulting to this unboxing, LOL. I ended up only getting 1 item from the set which is just.. _(:3」∠)_

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Unboxing : Un:Birthday Song ~another record~ Limited Edition Stellaworth Set

Seeing I ended up loving this game so much.. I just.. had to grab the limited edition copy of it, smh. This wasn’t planned I swear, I just couldn’t let go of all that has happened in this game.. ||orz

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My 2017 Otome Game Awards

After backtracking the otome games I’ve played over last year, it’s that time of the year to make my own otome game awards and ranking based on the ones I’ve played all throughout 2017. The categories used are almost still the same with Dengeki Girl’s Style Otome Game Awards with additional ones base on my own liking, lol. Also be warned that some photos used may contain spoilers, since they’re from my screenshots一you’ve been warned! |_・) Continue reading “My 2017 Otome Game Awards”