Collection : Saitou Hajime Shrine

Warning, please be notified that this post will be IMAGE HEAVY. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

As for my first post blog, this is a bit too much I guess but I hope it won’t take much time to load the pics to you readers out there… (.`・﹏・´.)

Hiya everyone~ Rikka here! I just started my blog a few days ago but I do hope you enjoy this as my first blog post! I was supposed to feature something else but decided to start it up with the character that basically took all of my heart and attention that dragged me into the otome fandom! *:゚*。⋆ฺ(*´◡`)

It all started during my 2nd or 3rd year high school that I got to know an anime series known as “Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan” while I was looking for some completed anime series I wanted to download and watch over the summer break. Due to me having a huge interest with samurais, I decided to download Hakuouki as I got interested with its story after I read its short summary. After a week of waiting for the download to be finishtumblr_mbsg1zZ4S51repmu8o3_250ed.. I immediately started watching the series and believe it or not, I fell head over heels over one character as soon as I saw him come up in just the first episode of the series. And that character is none other than..

SAITOU HAJIME! ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

He just completely took my heart away with just his appearance in the first episode of Hakuouki. I remember it like it just happened yesterday~ And before I knew it, after watching the entire series, I had this urge of wanting to get to know his story more that I stumbled upon the Hakuouki games as I searched over the internet. And that’s how I got to know about reverse harems and the otome gaming hell ever. I don’t regret it happening though, just look how I am now today. X’DDD

I rigorously looked at every related site just to manage to play all the Hakuouki games which I managed to play all games and fandisks luckily. Saitou just has this mysterious aura I honestly can’t resist even his serious, kind, caring and sweet personality of his and fell in love much more towards him as I got to know more of his story on each Hakuouki game with his route. Not to mention his blushing moments never fails to make me smile all the time, lol. He still makes my heart flutter until now. ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

And that’s how my love for this man started which also brought me to purchasing every merch he has in the anime market- //laughsnervously

Now for this post’s main event, I’d like to show everyone my Saitou Shrine Collection as of August 2016! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و [P.S : Again, heavy photos below. Beware. XD ]

First off, I’ll be showing the ones that are currently displayed in my room! This wooden rack is actually just at the end of my bed, lol. My room has an altar, which is at the very top shelf, you can see at the photo which is honored due to my religion. ^^,

My Saitou shrines are displayed below the altar as I had them displayed before at my bookshelves. I had to reorganized it seeing it look quite disorganized already on my bookshelves where I relocated them here in this rack instead. Looking at the new arrangement, I’m pretty happy how it turned out! Now, for close up photos, first up.. the 1st shrine shelf!


This shelf is compose of mini-Saitou body panels, metal plates, a prize plate, plushies, small figures as well as a scale figure! There’s actually a story behind the scale figure of Saitou as I only got him as a gift from one of my friends, who is Tohru, which was a birthday gift! I was really REALLY HAPPY when I opened to see his figure! I was honestly fangirling and blushing as I held his box staring at him, thinking and processing the moment in my head like- I ain’t dreaming, right? This is too good to be true, right? THIS IS NO DREAM, RIGHT?! I was already teary-eyed in front of my friend since this figure was really one of the figures I honestly have in my holy grail wishlist that I really wanted to own so badly in my life. Now, this scale figure is one of my precious Holy Grail in my collection. One I can never let go of in my entire collection. I’m forever thankful to my friend, Tohru, even until now. I love ya dude, really. Never forget that my dear friend. ( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ _ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

Close up photos! You’ll see the one coin figures, small figures, body panels and plushies up close! Its quite an achievement for me that I managed to get almost all of Saitou’s Gift plushies actually. Before I was really depressed that his casual wear was super expensive as heck in the after market until Gift announced that they’ll be having a re-released for them! I couldn’t passed it out seeing the price was more reasonable with the re-released issue than the previous one that was available at the aftermarket then. I’m only missing his Rasetsu version now which is still quite expensive in the aftermarket. Why I can’t purchase him yet sadly.. I’m also still looking for the Saitou Rasetsu version scale figure which is the other version of the scale figure I currently own. The Rasetsu figure is so rare in the market now so I do hope I’ll be able to snag one in the future for a decent price too someday. Seeing that figure is also included in my holy grail wishlist actually. X’DD


Let’s move on to the 2nd shelf! This is where selected goods are displayed! This shelf is composed of phone stands, mini towels, cup, gashapons, straps, mini figures, a CD album, a coloring book, a cup and a mini-Saitou plush also! The mini plush is actually the plush strap version of Saitou so it’s smaller than the regular Gift plushies from the ones at the first shelf. Here, you’ll see I displayed the straps I currently have for Saitou. Most of them are rubber straps but I also own acrylic ones which you’ll see them later on. I honestly can’t display all of them as I basically lack space, lol. ^^,

More close up photos! You’ll notice I have some doubles for a few items though. Some friends of mine gave them to me actually or sold them to me at a cheap price, lol. I don’t mind having doubles since its still Saitou either way, hahaha! When I was actually arranging this shelf, I had no idea where to put the gashapon and color colle small figures until I tried to put them on the mobile stands which turned quite perfect for them! As for the straps, I re-arranged their placement from the previous cork board I hang them on  to a new one which turned out pretty neat as I got to make the final arrangements! I wanted to take the mini towels out of their plastics actually but decided not to instead to avoid dirt for the towels. So–how did you like the 2 shelf Saitou shrine so far? It doesn’t end there though, there’s still more! YES! I still have a lot more to show, no kidding! So let’s move on then~! X’DD


Ta-da~! This is my first ever Saitou wall scroll I purchased! There’s even a story behind this also, lol. I actually found this item being sold locally here at a seller in facebook. At first, I actually couldn’t believe what I was seeing until my mind finally processed what I was seeing! I waited for a month, I think, before I managed to purchase this, lol. Seeing when I inquired first back then, someone already reserved him first before I did which really got me sad that this item was going to someone else instead but I never gave up hope! After a week or so, I believe, I inquired again if this was still available and to my luck, it was still available! I couldn’t hold back any longer so I decided that I’ll be getting it! After a week, this finally arrived at my doorstep! I was even quite surprised that the size was bigger than I expected! I actually never thought that the size was about B2 which I was really happy that I got to purchase it without hesitation, lol! I actually have this quote belief I always say to myself whenever I plan to purchase an item in the future, lol. “If the item I want is still there, that item is definitely meant for me to be purchased,” seriously, this quote always seem to be true in my case. Why sometimes its actually hard to deny especially when I have an item I’ve been seeing for so long and whenever I see it again after days or so, I already get this feeling that they’re really meant for me. So in the end, I do manage to buy those items for me, lolol. It’s hard sometimes you know.. ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

Next up are my other wall scrolls, a canvas and my pillows! I can’t find a perfect place to display them actually as well as the canvas I got in my room. One of the wall scrolls though, the Saitou Casual, is actually a long towel, lol. It was given to me by a friend of mine for our Secret Santa exchange gift among us circle of friends of collectors. We influence each other a lot in buying the characters we want. ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

Then we have my pillow collection! One of them is actually a custom made though but the rest are official ones. Two of them are also just cushion covers also! Luckily I managed to find them cushions here locally which I got to use ever since. You have no idea how hard it is to sleep on my bed with tons of pillows on it. Sometimes I wonder how do I manage to sleep on my bountiful bed of ikemen pillows every night, haha! XD

That’s it so far with the items I currently own which are displayed in my room! Next up will be the ones I’m keeping in storage as I basically don’t have enough space to display them all in my room. //criesinacorner ||oTL

Let’s move on to the others then! ೕ(・ㅂ・ )

My Saitou Tote Bag! I plan on making my Saitou ita-bag using this bag but I’m still looking for a plastic as its cover. I’m worried that an item I put on the bag might get stolen or dropped off or something. It’ll definitely hurt my fangirl heart so I’m extra careful with my soon to be ita-bags. (ó﹏ò。)

Next, we have my books and magazine collection! I basically only order a magazine of Dengeki Girl’s Style or B’s-Log only if Saitou or any series I’m quite interested with is  featured as the cover, lol. I also own a few Hakuouki artbooks which I mainly use for my reference whenever I try to make a fanart of anyone from the series. It’s complete with all their outfits and expressions so it’s quite helpful to me. I still have other Hakuouki artbooks I want to purchase but I plan to do so once I’m not spending that much on games at the moment. //coughwhichisimpossibleasofnowcough (。-人-。)

And here, we have my Saitou wall sticker! I haven’t used it yet though, haha! I can’t find the perfect place to stick this in my room really. Up until now, I’m just keeping it in storage with the rest of my collection. I thought of placing this before in front of my computer desktop but I won’t be able to see much then so I stopped pushing on with that idea. XDD

Here’s a slideshow featuring the rest of my collection I currently own and are mostly kept in storage! I thought that the best way to showcase them is in slideshow form seeing they’re a lot really so it’ll be hard for me if I had to breakdown each photo. ^^;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Quite a lot, right? Seriously, whenever Saitou gets a new merchandise out for pre-order I have this tendency to automatically order one without hesitation, lol. I need to remove this habit. Akipyon, a best friend of mine, sometimes messages me about it also. Like “Dude, look, your bae has a new item up for pre-order~ Go check it~ :>” what a friend, right? XDD

You may wonder where I’m keeping the rest of my collection, I’m actually just keeping them in storage in a long lock and lock container with the other items I have in my collection which I don’t use. Well to be exact, half of that container is slotted for the Saitou collection actually, lol. As for the clear files and pencil boards, I keep them in a clear folder. For the posters, I have a clear poster folder for them which I bought online at AmiAmi seeing I don’t plan to use them. The previous posters I posted on the walls of my room tend to stick due to the moist on my walls. Seeing my room has its air condition on at night all the time. So I had to remove the ones I displayed before and kept them instead. It was hard to remove them before actually which is why I mostly replaced them now withe clear posters and wall scrolls I currently have displayed in my room now. o(≧∇≦o)

Now that I’ve taken a decent look at my Saitou collection progress, after so long, I can tell I own a lot now ever since I started collecting. I started with the shrine progress about 3 years ago if my memory serves right that is.. Sometimes I honestly thought to myself I should stop now seeing I’ve already owned enough for the shrine but.. I’m pretty sure there’ll still be new items to be announced then so I’m always crying even my wallet’s crying and giving up on me already for it, lol. X’DD


And lastly, before I forget, I also keep sketches, fanarts and fanmade items of Saitou as well! These are all gifts from friends of mine in the city actually. Whenever I get a trip to visit the city and meet up with them, they gave me these gifts. I live in a provincial area actually so these gifts made me smile and cry a little, seriously I shed a tear for these gifts, as I rarely visit the city. I’m quite thankful for these gifts so much really. I’m always touched whenever I get one during my visit. Thank you really you guys~! (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑)


Hope you guys enjoyed reading~! Even though it was quite long, for me that is, I hoped you enjoy how my Saitou shrine collection is progressing so far! I also have other shrine collections but I’ll feature them next time instead. Look forward to those. XD Saitou’s enough for this month so I can only promise to feature the other character shrines I’m currently working on next time, lol. All in all, I’m actually already otumblr_mbsg1zZ4S51repmu8o4_250verwhelmed with how much my Saitou Hajime collection is already. I’ve been collecting for 3 years now for this character yet there’s still new item for him being announced every month, it’s still killing me every single time. XDDD

Well, I should probably end it here. I hope you look forward to seeing more posts in my blog! I’ll mostly be posting game reviews, game/figure/goods unboxing, loots/hauls and showcase of my collection. You can check my current pre-order lists and backlogs at my sidebar so you’ll know which games and items I may post a review of. I may showcase my room as well but as of now.. I don’t plan to showcase my room yet since its still a hell of a mess for me, lol. It may be organized to my friends, heck, it’s still a mess for me at the moment. (/ω\)

Comments are welcome also~! I would love to talk to people who has their own collections and shrine progress like I do. If you want to feature this post to other websites, it is quite alright with me so long as you credit it to this post. See ya~! (๑❛ワ❛๑)و


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