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Otoge Review : Magical Otoge Ciel

Game Title : Magical Otoge Ciel
Game Creator: batensan ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Any texts and images in this post may contain spoilers, you’ve been warned. |_・)

Magical Otoge Ciel is an indie otome game made by the lovely batensan herself! I happened to stumble upon this game actually at Steam seeing it was for free as well to play. I got interested in this game simply because the art is just so cute~! |ω-o)゚

I actually recognized her art because of a fanart she made of Ami x Arata from Digimon Cyber Sleuth! If you guys have played Digimon Cyber Sleuth, I ship Ami and Arata so much, lolol. Oh, by the fanart, I’m referring to this. I was like, “WAIT- ISN’T THIS THAT ARTIST WHO DREW THAT AMI x ARATA I SAW IN TUMBLR?!” and thus I automatically downloaded her game to try it out. (*´▽`*)

Well then, let’s start with the review for Ciel’s Magical Otoge Story~! o(^◇^)o

Story : The game is about Princess Ciel who is never allowed to leave Amarine kingdom because of her father’s, King Johannes, orders. The king always kept on refusing Ciel’s plans, favors and persuasions in regards with of her dream of going on a journey and see the world. Because of this, she decides to run away on her own accord after her last audience with her father which still turned to be rejected. With the plan of running away, she asks Florien, Ciel’s childhood friend and bodyguard, to come with her on his own accord, not as an order as the princess, and agrees on coming with her. As soon as night approached and they managed to slip out of the castle, Anton, captain of Amarine’s Royal Knights and the older brother of Florien, noticed their plan of leaving the kingdom ahead. Instead of reporting back to his king, he decides to let them go and wait for him at a certain place as he first tries to convince the king getting the approval of the princess leaving on a journey with having him as her companion as well. Even with Anton’s help, the king still denied his request and decides to catch up with the two. Ciel and Florien arrived at the placed mentioned by Anton and stumbled upon the witty traveler Yvin. He helped out Ciel and Florien when they were in a pinch as knights were looking for them before Anton finally joins up with them. Now that the three are altogether, Ciel decides on following her dream of going on a journey with Anton and Florien but little did she know that a third wheeler is following them as they set off on a journey. ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

System : The game’s system is your usual otome game type of simulation where you’ll get choices but in this game, it’s straightforward. Here’s how the main screen looks like..

The Extras are locked and will only be unlocked as soon as you at least finish one route in the game. The menu is cute by the way~ The game is straightforward since you’ll be given the option to chose which route you’d like to go after. You’ll see one is locked but you’ll eventually unlock it as soon as you finish either Florein or Anton’s route first depending on who like from the two. ೕ(•̀ㅂ•́ )
You’ll get to finish and enjoy the game without any walkthroughs. Just play the game with the choices you feel you’d choose as Ciel and enjoy the game casually! (˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)

Character Routes : There’s 3 guys you can pick for your character route. The game has no bad ends so you’ll enjoy a pure with fluff in each routes. ( ´ ▽ ` )


Florien is Ciel’s childhood friend as well as the knight assigned as her personal bodyguard to protect her from danger. He supports Ciel’s independent self and simply just wish for her to be happy. He’s sarcastic and cold towards anything else except towards Ciel. He’s practically kind to Ciel alone. He hates puns especially when he’s close or nearby Yvin. He’s also a bit of a tsundere towards to Ciel regarding his feelings towards her. Overall as you play on his route, he sticks close to Ciel most of the time. He cares for her a lot seeing he’s been with her most of their childhood. Before he was actually the knight assigned to Ciel’s little brother’s bodyguard but was then assigned to Ciel. He’s not that close with his older brother, Anton, but he doesn’t hate him as well. He shows new expressions and faces to Ciel only as well during your play on his route. His route was quite fun actually especially that moment he asked Ciel for a ki- it was just~ ♡ XDDD



Anton is the captain of Amarine’s Royal Knights and Florien’s older brother. He’s calm, cool and professional towards his job as a knight. He also honors his job as a knight. He actually cares deeply for Ciel and is a sincere guy even though people in the kingdom thinks he’s too serious but that’s just how his expression is. A rumor among the knights tells a story as to why Anton’s hair is red. Though not many people believe it but his natural hair color is really red. People in the kingdom find him scary and unapproachable but he’s really a nice guy if you just get to know him better. He’s dense also by the way, it took quite some time for him to realize what he really feels for Ciel, lolol. Overall in his route, you’ll genuinely see how he cares for Ciel a lot even if it doesn’t show much. He’ll do anything as well to ensure Ciel is not harmed in anyway even if it means he gets hurt. He also doesn’t say his real thoughts within his heart that much unless he’s only told to by Ciel. And his plot twist-gosh, that took me a bit of surprise. (。-人-。)



Yvin is a clever and witty traveler Ciel met up at on her journey. He actually watches Ciel on her journey from afar, a.k.a stalking them, lolol. It doesn’t show much in his route but he likes to help out people in need. He also helps Ciel from time to time if he’s been called for or helps her from a distance as he continues to follow her on her journey. He also loves to make puns, like really, I’m always smiling and laugh from time to time when he’s around and when he makes puns. Overall as you play his route, he’ll show up whenever Ciel thinks, calls or wants to see him, with a bit of a pun or compliments towards him, lolol. He can make photographs as well as that’s his magic but has a toll towards himself which you’ll know once you played his route. He also takes photos of Ciel’s journey time to time which he also secretly sends to her father by the way. |ω-o)゚

Art & Music : Art is drawn by batensan herself and I gotta say I love her art to bits! It’s so cute and simple and really attractive on its own way~! The CGs she drew are honestly just gorgeous. I actually found myself wanting more CGs on each character routes, lolol. Batensan please make more– //slapped
The BGs are also beautiful nevertheless! The music used in this game were also pleasant and really goes well with the game and its art-everything! I actually kinda want to get a copy of the music used since its actually my type of music I would listen to. The music used during the inn night scenes is my most favorite one. Heck, I should just get a copy for all the BGMs used! XD

Enjoyment : I quite enjoyed it for a really short otome game! It took me about 6 hours actually as I kinda slept in Yvin’s route but I was already at the end part of his route- I’m so sorry I dozed off..  (∩︵∩) As stated in the game’s summary at Steam, it’s quite short so it’s a good game you can play after a long gaming hours as your break. I actually played this after playing a couple of hours over Tales of Vesperia since I’m aiming for 100% completion, lolol. The story was quite interesting actually also but man, I didn’t expect that plot twist in Anton’s route seriously. It took me by surprise a little actually seeing I chose Anton as my first route. And this game has puns that’ll make you smile! Like seriously, hats off to you Yvin especially in the extras one. In the end actually, I still wanted more out of this game most especially the CGs. XDD

download-6Thoughts and Conclusion :
This was quite an interesting and fun game to play with as my backlog break game-is there even a phrase like that-well, anyways. X’D
With all the game backlogs I have actually, I was looking for a short game that can cut my game backlogs actually, lolol. I’ve been playing my otoge backlog games then afterwards my PS3 backlog games as soon as have free time but I needed a break from it. I was looking for a game I could at least just enjoy it casually and Magical Otoge Ciel was the perfect game I happen to stumble upon on Steam. I actually made a steam account just to claim a prize I got from a giveaway at twitter really and checked out any otome games I can play as my game breaker one, lolol.

Ciel is a likable heroine. I just like her, period. Florien is such a sweetheart, no kidding. A tsundere from time to time at that also, lolol. Yvin is just so fun! Gosh, I always has smile whenever he’s there especially his puns. The best one is with the extras with the Q&A and the dinner with all of them like-lolol! Okay, enough about that. Lastly, Anton, oh gosh, he’s just so my type batensan download-9seriously, why I went after him immediately after starting the game, lolol. He’s just so cool, pure, serious and dense, yes, he’s dense with his feelings but I still love him anyway! And Ais! Batensan, please make a route for Ais, oh gosh. He needs one seriously! At first I thought he was the locked route but.. I still want a route for him really. He needs love from Ciel too- just look at this-is it not.. possible..? ||oTL
Oh, my favorite character is Anton, hands down. I regret nothing loving that guy so much. I honestly really wanted more out of this game but I can’t be picky since it’s short. I was actually hoping for a kiss scene at least with Anton but as batensan said in the extras, he’s too pure so let’s not- //cries ・゜・(ノД`)

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this game if you want a casual game without any guides or walkthroughs to otome gamers out there. For a short game really, it’s worth a try especially if you just want a break from the common otome games with long gameplays and such. Batensan’s art is just so beautiful, I love it so much. The character designs are stunning too actually. I’ll draw up Anton and Ciel one of these days, I will, I promise. I love them together the most really. Recommended play order? Nah, I won’t give one since like I said just play it casually depending on your liking. But if I have to give one really it’ll be F > Y > A base on my opinion only. Still I honestly recommend you just pick who you want to go first and next with your heart’s content! And that’s about it! φ(〃∇〃 )

I plan to try out more of batensan’s works so if you’d like to check them out just go to her site here : Visual Novels by batensan. She already have 2 games fully released and 1 game is out for demo at the moment. I’ll be sure to support her since I’ll be playing Magical Otoge Anholly once I got to download it. At the moment, I only have Iris’ since its just a demo for now and hoping for its full release soon! And as an extra..

magical_otoge_animation__for_anton_by_batensan-d9waqm8Thank you batensan for making this! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Just look at how perfect they are together–for me that is–₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

With that ends my review for Magical Otoge Ciel, thanks for reading~! ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )


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