Unboxing : AMNESIA Memories Keepsake Box & Code:Realize ~Future Blessing~ AmiAmi Set

Who would’ve thought I’ll win a random giveaway prize at twitter. I honestly never saw it coming but it was one of my most unbelievable moments I’ve experienced! This is probably the first time I won a giveaway really, lol. And.. One of my most awaited games of the year arrived quite faster than I expected! Thank you so much to a dear friend of mine for helping me out! ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)

Hiya everyone~ Rikka here~! It has been quite some time since my last blog post and I apologize for not posting that much. I have a lot of draft posts though and I’ll be sure to post and finish them by next year, I hope..。゚(TヮT)゚。

For today, I’ll be posting an unboxing post for 2 items I received over the weekends which are AMNESIA Memories Keepsake Box and Code:Realize ~Future Blessing~ AmiAmi Set! I’d like to thank my friend Cin for helping me out big time! Most especially with the giveaway prize since I had to ask it to be delivered to her US address to be able to get it. I owe you big time dear friend, thank you so so much!( ; ; )

Well, I’m honestly excited already so let’s start with the unboxing! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵎᵎᵎᵎ

Let’s start off with the Code:Realize ~Future Blessing~ AmiAmi Set! Me and Cin actually decided to split the set and I only wanted 3 characters so she decided to take the rest of the characters. I took the game, drama CD, tote bag and the badges as well as keyholders of Sholmes, Saint and Van. I only wanted those 3 since they’re my favorite ones the most in this game. (〃ω〃)

Here’s the game case for Code:Realize Future Blessings and the drama CD bonus when its pre-ordered. A close-up photo of the badges and keyholders as well as the tote bag. The reason I decided to get the AmiAmi bonus set was actually because of Sholmes. I’m also kinda regretting that I should’ve went for the limited edition one instead because Sholmes’ on the cover too.. I loved him already ever since the first game so I really can’t say no and was really excited when the fandisk has his own route too! *cough* He’s somewhat resembles Saitou so that’s probably one of the reasons I’m attracted to Sholmes *cough* Also I actually love the theme AmiAmi decided on with their exclusive set! The theme was “The Seven Dwarfs” and there designs are just so adorable. I love it~! I actually also want the other shop exclusive sets which are from Alice Net and Animate. I’ve been seriously thinking over with Animate’s set but seeing I’m a bit tight on budget, I just went for AmiAmi’s. And I’ll just hunt all of those items with Sholmes at the auctions so-(٭°̧̧̧꒳°̧̧̧٭)

Now let’s move onto AMNESIA Memories Keepsake Box! This is the giveaway prize I won on twitter last August from Tokimeki Radio (@TokimekiRadio) ! Be sure to follow them also as they do podcasts! I kinda miss their podcasts since its been quite a while also since their last one. The giveaway prize was composed of the AMNESIA Keepsake Box, 2 Bouei-bu Items and an OZMAFIA Game in Steam! Its quite stunning for a prize and I actually decided to join knowing I had no chance of winning anyway with the zero luck I have and yet I still.. (TヮT)

I already received the OZMAFIA!! game through Steam and just received the keepsake box recently from my dear friend Cin. I honestly never expected it to be big when I got it, lol. I was really surprised when she gave me the bag, lolol. I gave the Bouei-bu items to her in return as I haven’t watched its anime yet nor I’m a fan of it. Seeing she knows it, I told her its hers to keep in return for helping me out. I also made a Steam account just because of the OZMAFIA game, lol. If you want to add me up on Steam, just check my twitter for my ID. XDD

Now let’s move on with the contents! Here’s how the box looks like once you opened it and- ta-da~!! The contents included are a set of character coasters, an artbook, an OST album and a pillow case! The coasters are a set of 5 which are our main guys in the game. It also has the OST album for the game included and here’s how they look like!

Next up is the artbook! It contains the background details for each character as well as their concept arts before their final designs! Backgrounds and sprites are also included as well as how event stills were made with their rough sketches. It also includes some official illustrations for the game! Here’s one of the official illustration and the concept art section which I honestly like the most! Kent’s so adorable~ Ah, if you’re wondering who is my favorite in Amnesia, it’s actually Kent~ (´^ω^`)

And last but not least, the body pillow case! I wasn’t really expecting it to be included in the keepsake box. What’s funny is that when I unfolded the cover, its honestly way too big. It is a body pillow after all~ *kicked* The cover’s the same size as the Kyrie pillow cover I have on my bed, lol. The illustration used for the pillow cover is just beautiful. I can dream peacefully when I go to sleep with it, haha! I couldn’t take a decent photo of it shown as a whole since I was taking photos quietly while my father was asleep. Nevertheless, here’s what I was able to photograph. XDD

After I finished taking photos of these actually, my sister asked for the ones she wanted and I gave it to her in the end, lol. She took Saint’s badge and keyholder from the Code:Realize set but she asked where her favorites and other characters are and I told her its already with my friend Cin. Instead, she took the Shin and Ukyo coasters as well as the pillow case. The pillow case… Pillow..case… *sobs* 。゚(TヮT)゚。

THAT’S THE END~!! (*´▽`*)


Untitled design (1)

Final thoughts..? I seriously still can’t believe the AMNESIA Memories Keepsake Box I won through a giveaway. No matter how I look at it, its too good to be true really. I don’t regret joining in Tokimeki Radio’s giveaway ever since because of it. To think I was able to own this keepsake box by luckily being the random winner, huhuhu. Thank you God for it! (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)

As for playing Code:Realize ~Future Blessing~, I had to drop everything I was playing previously just to make way for this game, lolol. I’ve already finished the game completely and I can’t wait for the english localization to be released now. I’ll post a review of the game this month probably or I’ll have it done after my birthday this December. I’m a bit lazy to write it at the moment- www( ´•̥ו̥` )

LASTLY- If you plan to purchase the AMNESIA Memories Keepsake Box, I highly suggest you do so NOW! Idea Factory International is on sale with their items for Christmas for a certain time only. You better grab a copy now while its already at a discounted price. You really won’t regret it, seriously. I honestly want to buy another one just for the pillow actually but I restrained myself, lol. Where will I put that pillow cover next? My bed’s practically almost full of my husbando pillows, huhuhu. 。゚(TヮT)゚。

That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed reading and I’ll see you guys again on my next post! It’ll probably be a game review this time for sure so look forward to it~! (ノ> ◇ <)ノ♪


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