Mobile Game Review : A3!

A new mobile game that has successfully dragged me into a new abyss of hell… ಠ_ಠ

This game was just released a week ago and I’m already done with its main story part 1. Lol, really? Like really really? YES, I’M SERIOUS! I already finished reading part 1 story of this game and I honestly want part 2 of it now so badly. You have no idea. .°(ಗдಗ。)°.

But anyway, let’s start the review for my new hellーwww |ω-o)゚




3 thoughts on “Mobile Game Review : A3!

  1. Cat says:

    A3 is the best of hells, Masumi has me by the ovaries rip
    STROKING?? CARESSING??? エロイ!!! I need to get to his group then, cause OHYES
    I didn’t know the artist had done other otome, interesting.
    The chibis are so cute, cries softly. I love all of them tbh 😭
    Valentine’s gacha starting tomorrow is gonna wreck me 😭
    RNG God’s hate me tbh, I have Juza almost filled out in my album, only 3 left to fill in (his ssr mostly), while other boys get 1 or 0 cards. I want all of them, I thirst for all of them, tho Masumi and Kazunari are my current baes 👀✨
    I’ll only send help if you send help back, but considering twitter, there’s none for us 😭

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    • hajimerikka says:

      I gotta admit A3 is definitely one of the best hells I’ve joined in, LMAO. RIP Cat’s ovaries. www

      YES! Its mostly shown in his backstage story actually which surprised me and just found myself fangirling for him more, LOL.

      Yeah, she did. I’ve first know her works actually with Dynamic Chord since her works are definitely ✨✨✨

      I’m actually not prepared for Valentine’s gacha, LMAO. I don’t know if they’ll put more characters seeing we were only teased for Banri. *showersyoumygachaluck* have some of my gacha luck then Cat! 8D

      Even RNGesus hates me also because he isn’t blessing me with 1 more Hisoka SSR or SR atleast, lol. I actually almost have cards for each character now except 1. Though I don’t have 1 bloomed SSR card and I’m jealous that everyone else has one already. 😂

      I’ll help you out anytime Cat when you need it but yeah, considering twitter is currently flooding with all these A3 tweets.. I don’t think we can. _(:3」z)_


      • Cat says:

        My ovaries weren’t needed either way, A3 can keep it 😹😹😹
        I have no bloomed ssr’s 😭
        I need all the gacha luck in the world tbh. I’m not gonna spin this time, I will for sweet and maybe for mixed, depending on the guys for it. Sadly the older ssr’s didn’t get a boost to come out on these, so the chances of getting one of them is as low as before ORZ
        Twitter kills me, I’m starting to stan everyone because everyone keeps showing them off and how lovely they’re 😭


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