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Mobile Game Review : A3!

A new mobile game that has successfully dragged me into a new abyss of hell… ಠ_ಠ

This game was just released a week ago and I’m already done with its main story part 1. Lol, really? Like really really? YES, I’M SERIOUS! I already finished reading part 1 story of this game and I honestly want part 2 of it now so badly. You have no idea. .°(ಗдಗ。)°.

But anyway, let’s start the review for my new hellーwww |ω-o)゚

A3! or Act! Addict! Actors! is a new otome mobile game developed by Liber Entertainment, the developer of I☆chu, and was just released last January 27, earlier this year. You play as the heroine coach(監督) of the Mankai Company to manage, teach as well as guide the actors you and the company recruited with the plays they are to perform on stage. Since the game just started out, there are 20 guys with their own personality and different reasons why they joined in the company at the moment. Not sure if they plan to add more characters though.. I hope they do at the same time no more please.. _(:3 」∠)_

Story is quite good as some parts of it were enjoyable, relatable, funny as well as sweet! There are parts also where you feel so much for the characters most especially with their reasons and character development. The main story’s fully voiced except the heroine, you, of course. You’re also given a choice whether or not you want the main story to be voiced or not. Its actually neat that they gave us this option specially if you don’t want the game to eat up your phone memory space by downloading the additional voicesーwww

And here’s how the story menu looks like! Its divided into 4 story troupes pertaining to seasons : Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  What’s pretty neat is that, if you plan to read its story all the way through, each rank up you gain lets you unlock about 3-4 parts of the story! Unlocking them all is quite easy but you’ll need patience as you can unlock all stories of the main story part 1 by attaining Rank 55.

The game’s just a week old only and I already achieved that rank just for its story, lol. I spent a handful of diamonds since I couldn’t wait anymore, lol. And I honestly want the next part of the main story NOW, huhuhu. I can’t believe myself for grinding my rank up just to finish it actually. Story’s that good you guys, I swearーI couldn’t put down my phone sometimes because of it like I NEED IT NOWー。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。

Aside from the main story, you also have the backstage stories for each character which you’ll be able to unlock from obtaining their different cards. It’s menu looks like this :The backstage stories aren’t voiced though and so far there’s only 6 different cards per character : 1 SSR, 1 SR, 2 R and 2 N. Speaking of cards, I’m almost done getting all of my best boy’s cards that I just need to bloom his SSR and SR left. Wondering who’s my best boy among everyone so far? Well, my best boy is none other than this guyーwww

My best boy is Hisoka Mikage, part of the Winter Troupe! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) And speaking of cards, the good thing about it in the game is that you don’t need to get a duplicate one to level up, bloom, or change the card to get the next part of the story. You just need to max out its affection hearts and you’ll get all the stories then! Also I love the art style for A3! as its fits perfectly for the game! Great job as always Fujiwara Ryo! If you’ve heard of her, she’s the artist who worked on the illustration and character designs for honeybee’s colorful*Step and Dynamic Chord. ♡(ŐωŐ人)

The chibi designs are also cute and adorable! Each card even has different outfits per character. I gotta say I love my best boy’s fashion style the most too~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You can use different cards with different outfits especially if you plan to watch the stage play. You can watch it using the original cast or you can choose whoever you want to be the casts of the play! Here’s a fun one I did with my best boy’s SSR cardーwwwimg_0550

And moving onwardーthe system and mechanics quite resembles Ensemble Stars, if you’ve played it already. You’ll just tap throughout the game to manage and progress your rank. You’ll do lessons, complete practice missions, work for coins, level your actor cards and obtain title achievements as well as ranking up, of course.

If you need a guide when completing the lesson mission, you can refer mainly to this site for your guide! It was made by fellow fans to help out those who just started playing and specially help in navigating for those who couldn’t understand the game completely. If you have any questions or further clarifications, you can send them a message up via twitter profile on @A3Wiki. So far no events have been announced yet but I’m looking forward to what kind it is though! Pretty sure it’ll be ranking but.. I do hope A3! surprises us. (^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Oh! And when you’re gonna collect coins, you can choose who to pair up with who and see the relationship between them that comes with cute and funny dialogues~! I mostly have my best boy in it but I’m also trying out other pairings, lol. Here are some screenshots that I took with the ones I paired up so far and translated them as well. *cough* most are of Hisoka though I’m sorry *cough*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion : And that’s it! Overall, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with this game longer because its story and characters definitely got me hooked with it big time! They’re all so different, precious as well as lovable too! I played EnStars before but eventually gave up on it. I think I lasted about a month or so only sadly.. I also played some idol games like Idolish7, I☆chu, Boyfriend Kirameki Note and Yumeiro Cast. I stayed for a long time with some of them, specifically I☆chu and Idolish7, but lost interest after time passed. I like how A3! doesn’t deal with music notes anymore because my thumbs are on the verge of death with what I’ve been through with the ones I’ve previously played. IT IS SO HARD TO MAINTAIN AND KEEP YOUR RANK AT EVERY EVENT SPECIALLY IF ITS YOUR BEST BOY. Reason why I gave up on idol games now because have mercy on my thumbs now please. (;*´Д`)ノ

A3’s also quite generous at the start. You’ll be given a chance to do a 3 10-roll scouts already as you start. It’s because where you’ll be given 250 diamonds as bonus for its recent release which is pretty awesome~ Its only for a limited time though seeing the game’s just got released and pretty much new. And if you plan to reroll your scouts, it’s easy to uninstall and reinstall the game because the file size isn’t that big anyway. The scouting rates are decent because its easy to get SRs and a few SSRs which still depends on your luck, lol. I got my final account through my friend, Mimi, since I was honestly hoping for Sakyo or Hisoka at least. Sadly my luck sucks when I first installed it because RNGesus gave me SSRs of Homare and Tenma only that time, lol. I’m so grateful to my friendーthank you so much again Mimi! ( ;∀;)

That’s the end of the review! I think I mentioned before on my previous blog post that my first review post was gonna be a non-otome game but.. Oh well, guess it turned out an otome game review came up first, lol me. If you’re playing the game as well, feel free to add me up! I still have empty friend slots soーhere’s my account ID :

With thatーthat ends the blog post for today! Hope to see you guys again on my next blog post which I’m almost done with but my lazy devil is taking up most of me. Send help… _(:3 」∠)_ I’m still enhancing my units in A3 but it’ll take a while though and hope to see you in game! Hope you guys enjoyed reading though! And see you on the next one! ♪( ´▽`)


3 thoughts on “Mobile Game Review : A3!

  1. A3 is the best of hells, Masumi has me by the ovaries rip
    STROKING?? CARESSING??? エロイ!!! I need to get to his group then, cause OHYES
    I didn’t know the artist had done other otome, interesting.
    The chibis are so cute, cries softly. I love all of them tbh 😭
    Valentine’s gacha starting tomorrow is gonna wreck me 😭
    RNG God’s hate me tbh, I have Juza almost filled out in my album, only 3 left to fill in (his ssr mostly), while other boys get 1 or 0 cards. I want all of them, I thirst for all of them, tho Masumi and Kazunari are my current baes 👀✨
    I’ll only send help if you send help back, but considering twitter, there’s none for us 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I gotta admit A3 is definitely one of the best hells I’ve joined in, LMAO. RIP Cat’s ovaries. www

      YES! Its mostly shown in his backstage story actually which surprised me and just found myself fangirling for him more, LOL.

      Yeah, she did. I’ve first know her works actually with Dynamic Chord since her works are definitely ✨✨✨

      I’m actually not prepared for Valentine’s gacha, LMAO. I don’t know if they’ll put more characters seeing we were only teased for Banri. *showersyoumygachaluck* have some of my gacha luck then Cat! 8D

      Even RNGesus hates me also because he isn’t blessing me with 1 more Hisoka SSR or SR atleast, lol. I actually almost have cards for each character now except 1. Though I don’t have 1 bloomed SSR card and I’m jealous that everyone else has one already. 😂

      I’ll help you out anytime Cat when you need it but yeah, considering twitter is currently flooding with all these A3 tweets.. I don’t think we can. _(:3」z)_


      1. My ovaries weren’t needed either way, A3 can keep it 😹😹😹
        I have no bloomed ssr’s 😭
        I need all the gacha luck in the world tbh. I’m not gonna spin this time, I will for sweet and maybe for mixed, depending on the guys for it. Sadly the older ssr’s didn’t get a boost to come out on these, so the chances of getting one of them is as low as before ORZ
        Twitter kills me, I’m starting to stan everyone because everyone keeps showing them off and how lovely they’re 😭


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