Unboxing : Nendoroid Tsurumaru + Valentine’s Photo Op

Hey guys! I’m back for an unboxing blog post this time! I’ve made a poll actually for this on my twitter account which was just a quick one though. I asked everyone to vote which figure I’ll do an unboxing + a Valentine’s Day photo op with and the winner wasーNendoroid Tsurumaru! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ 🎉✨

I still have figures here that are just stuck in my storage cabinet for months now so I finally decided to do an unboxing from one of them this Valentines. I thought of a fan-art at first but I won’t make it on time so I opted to do an unboxing instead. I also thought of a character shrine or collection celebration as well but it’ll be a hassle for me to place then re-arrange them back wherever I placed them in my room that is, lmao. My hands are currently full with household chores and responsibilities since I’m in charge of our house for this week. I’m also a bit lazy to do the ideas I mentioned aboveーits actually a lie that I’m a bit lazy whereas I’m lazy doing it wwwーso final verdict was do an unboxing as it gets me excited and motivated anyway when I do one. ((φ(..。)

So without further ado, let’s start unboxing Tsurumaru! ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)

tsurumaruTsurumaru Kuninaga is one of the popular characters from the popular game Touken Ranbu of DMM and Nitroplus. He belongs to the “tachi” sword/blade class. His symbol is the crane which usually depicts the traditional sign of fortune and longevity. He hates boredom and enjoys surprises which you’ll notice when you make him your main leader at your citadel. His clothing are mostly white but when dyed with red, he’ll look like a crane. And lastly, surprises are quite essential for him. Yes, surprises are indeed essential even in our lives. www(٭°̧̧̧꒳°̧̧̧٭)

Packaging : 9/10

This is the standard box design for nendoroids now. Simple colors and the different official poses you can see on both sides and at the back of its box which you can recreate it with the figure itself. I kinda miss the old box design actually where it still had a stunning background design regarding the series where the character was originally from. Seeing Tsurumaru’s from Touken Ranbu, I wonder if they’ll have it as cherry blossoms or something similar to its citadel.. It would be nice to ponder on it though. _(┐「ε:)_

Base : 10/10

Every Touken Ranbu nendoroids have their own symbol printed out on their bases. You’ll see that for Tsurumaru’s base, his symbol is the crane. This is actually one of things I find neat when it comes to the Touken Ranbu nendoroid line-ups. Its simple yet pretty as it already says so much meaning regarding the character itself. (☆▽☆)

Sculpting : 8/10

Tsurumaru’s sculpting is a bit offーwith the figure I got at least. There as some parts of the figure I own actually that won’t stick up until the end of its part. To be specificーthe problem with mine is the hips. There’s a bit of a space when I attach it to the main body and I don’t like it when I plan to take him out for another photo op at least. There’s also some accessories of him I had to re-adjust which were his hands but… ( ´Д`)y━・~~

Posing : 8/10

Tsurumaru has few accessories which just lets me do few poses for him. I did enjoyed posing him for the Valentine photo op which you’ll see soon enough. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed posing him specially any pose with his hood on are my favorite ones. ♪( ´▽`)

Painting : 8/10

Seeing Tsurumaru’s actually almost white, I wasn’t expecting any problems with his paint job but I still have, lol. There are some parts and accessories of him that either had a sloppy paint job or just paint stains. I’ve enumerated the major ones only though and its honestly making me cry but I love Tsurumaru so I didn’t complain further. You may not see it clearly though but I’ve encircled it anyways. Its probably because he got stuck in storage that got him stains but who knows.. Guess he’ll just stay in my glass cabinet display most of the time now.  。゚(TヮT)゚。

Enjoyment : 9/10

Aah~ I had fun thinking of ways on making use of Tsurumaru as my Valentine’s Photo Op this year! Though I had a bit of a trouble with his sword since I can’t believe it got a little hard to attach to him, lol. Specially seeing I don’t want to get his clothes stained up with further dirt or paint transfers anymoreーhave mercy on me, huhu. Anyway, here are the best ones I took for Tsurumaru’s Valentine’s Day Photo Op! I decided to put it in slideshow instead seeing it’s only just a few shots but pretty decent shots at least. ( ´•̥ו̥` )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Untitled design (1)

Overall, I don’t regret pre-ordering Nendoroid Tsurumaru when he was first opened for pre-orders. He’s actually one of my main swords that I always use and adore when I was still hooked up in playing Touken Ranbu, lol. Him, Mikazuki and Taroutachi are my favorites in the game even until now. I don’t play the game anymore since I got bored out of it but nevertheless I still loved them. I actually still have some goods and merch for those threeーMikazuki’s the only one from the three with a shrine though, lmao. I do hope GSC plans on making a nendoroid also for Tarou so I can complete my top 3 sword baes. www_(┐「ε:)_

Hope you guys enjoyed reading~! I just made this today really so it was kind of a rush blog post, lolol! Not sure if I’ll also continue to collect nendoroids but I might consider if GSC plans to make more favorite characters of mine but then againーspace where, LOL! Also hope everyone enjoyed their plans this Valentine’s Day with their loved ones, sweethearts or friends perhaps. Me? What about me, you ask? I just went on a date with myself as I honestly needed a break and I did enjoyed it as well~ ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Well that’s it for today~! I’m almost finished with my next review which I can finally post over the weekend hopefully but we’ll see. I’ll see you guys again on my next post and enjoy your dates this Valentine’s Day! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


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