WonFes 2017 [Winter]

It’s the first quarter season of the year that figure companies will make us cry our hearts out and bleed our savings, money, bank accounts or wallets dry for Wonder Festival 2017 Winter a.k.a WonFes 2017 Winter is here!

tumblr_ok8zbo893y1vdr1amo2_500So how are you guys holding up with all these announcements happening this WonFes 2017 Winter? As for me, I can actually say I’m safe this WonFes, lol. There are tons of announcements for new figures and old announcements but most of them are really not to my interest. Though I have few ones I’m actually eyeing on and I’m tempted with so I’ll be sharing them out! If you’d like to check daily updates, you should check it up via twitter. It’s swarming with tons of photos for every figure announcement as well as updated figures. Hashtag for WonFes 2017 Winter is #wf2017w so check it out if you want!

It seems this year’s Winter WonFes revealed a lot of announcements for Fate/Grand Order, Yuri on Ice!! and Touken Ranbu. There’s also tons of boobs/female figures but didn’t bother with those anyway except my friend Xephy that is, lol. She’s a huge fan of Fate/Grand Order’s Scathach so she’s crying over the announcements for her new figures, RIP Xephy. Even my friend Aki’s also a bit safe since she’s only getting a handful but she finally decided to get all of the Quartet Night scale figures now! She wants to complete her UtaPri scale line-up so she yoloedー!(•̀ᴗ•́)

Luckily the characters I want didn’t get much attention so my wallet-kun’s safe for the time being, lmao. I’m actually happy to see that old anime titles are being given figures and announcements! Noteable ones that I know of are Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop and Detective Conan. I was also surprised that Disney/Pixar characters also got some announcements so my sister’s definitely request one of her favorites from the line-up with herーNO. QUESTIONS. ASKED. ( ´•̥ו̥` )

Anyway, here are the only ones that got my interests over all announcements. I’ll also indicate that if it’s a sure one or just tentative for me since I’m trying not to spend so much soー 。゚(TヮT)゚。

So first up will be the ones that were just announcedー

GSC finally decided on making more Disney/Pixar characters! The only one I’m looking forward to it is Winnie the Pooh. Pooh is a favorite of mine during childhood. I still remember the long pillow I had of him which lasted with me for about 10 years, I think, and I still have a Pooh bear stuff toy also in one of my cabinets. And Jack Skellington for my sister! This is her “no question asked” when I told her about it so it’s a sure one to get, lmao. I do look forward to GSC making more characters specially if they do make Mulan one, I am definitely sold if ever! (●♡∀♡)

Rikka’s Final Verdict :
Winnie the Pooh & Jack Skellington
confirm to get both ( T_T)

Next up are more nendoroids, lol! I’m seriously attracted to Juzumaru’s design a lot so I’m excited to see how he’ll turn out to be. So for now, he’ll be on my tentative and watch list. As for the nendoroid more sets, I just want the Christmas one the most since it’s on my birth month plus I do want to do more toy photography with the remaining nendoroids I own so I can at least play with them. (*^^*)

Rikka’s Final Verdict :
Nendoroid Juzumaru (Tentative)
Nendoroid More – Christmas Set (confirm to get ( T_T)

This is probably the only scale announcement made that got my interest. I’m excited for NieR:Automata because it’s really an interesting game so far base on the trailer and its demo gameplay. The only thing I’m worried is that its maker is FLARE like gawd, their figures cost a lot of $$$ so I hope this turns out stunning with a dynamic pose and a bit affordable which I can save up for but then again I doubt it’ll cost that less that their usual scale figure prices. I cry. (oT-T)尸

Rikka’s Final Verdict :
Scale Figure – YoRha 2B (Tentative)

That’s about it for just the announced ones so next up is the one with a prototype!
Because I’m only eyeing just one that was previously announced already, lol.

Max Factory finally reveals the figma prototype of Persona 5’s Protagonist! I gotta say I’m liking it so far so I’m looking forward to see him fully painted! I just hope he comes with lots of parts seeing the figma line is a bit pricier now than it was before. www

Rikka’s Final Verdict :
figma – P5 Protagonist (Tentative)

And lastly, for the fully painted ones, here are the ones I’m interested with so far!

OMGーjust look at how beautiful Kane-san is, gawd. I’m actually tempted to get him but I’ll decide when Kahotan posts her preview blog of him. I’m honestly excited to see what his 3rd face plate’s gonna be, lol. I’m also keen on getting the nendoroid kigurumi because its a penguin. I love penguins and I’ll definitely go get one. I’m excited to use it on my Jiji nendoroid. XD

Rikka’s Final Verdict :
Nendoroid Izuminokami (Tentative)
Nendoroid Kigurumi – Penguin (confirm to get
( T_T)

The last figure to get my attention was Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ of Persona 5’s protagonist! I am honestly in-love with its dynamic pose but its just that I don’t feel his face at all. I was on the edge of seriously getting it but with how they did the paint job with his face I had to decide again. So for now, I’m still seriously considering it but that’ll depend on the price and his release date then. ;;;;;

Rikka’s Final Verdict :
ARTFX+ – P5 Protagonist (Tentative)

Untitled design (1)

With that ends my overview for today WonFes 2017 Winter. I’m just glad I didn’t have to cry over tons of figures so I’m pretty much safe. Looking over my verdict, I got 4 confirmed ones I’ll be getting so I’m at least good with that for now. Thank God. ||oTL

For the meantime, I’m actually surprised that no new Danganronpa and Tales of character figures were announced which I was actually expecting even for one character at least. It seems we’ll just look forward about it on the next big event this hobby surprises us. I’m still hoping for more Tales of figures actually because they honestly have so many characters that’s gonna be awesome to be made into scales. As for Danganronpa, I just want a new Hinata or Izuru figure and I’m already sold for it, lmao!

Anyways, that’s it for today’s post! Most of the new and coming soon figures are just “meh” to me so yeah, I’m safe from spending this season. I was actually hoping to see di molto bene’s prototype for Saitou because that was the only one I’ve been looking forward to ever since they announced new Hakuouki scale figures. They did revealed Hijikata and Souji painted now which was good but the rest nothing surprised me afterwards.


So much for the WonFes hype so I’m gonna be like Izuru here and leave, I’m out.

So what about you? Did you find anything interesting that were revealed and announced this WonFes 2017 Winter? I’m quite curious if any figures or announcement s caught your interest this WF2017 Winter so I’d like to hear your thoughts about it! Share it through the comments below! And I’ll see you guys on the next post! ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎


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