Drama CD Review : Thanatos Night Vol. 1 – Izaya

“If you want to die, go ahead. You have to obey my orders though?” – イザヤ

rejet-banner_1500x625_thanatosDrama CD Series : Thanatos Night (Official Website)
Release Date : 2016, November 23
Company : Rejet

Descending down from the heavens to these sleepless skyscrapers, a “gig” by fallen angels take place. The ones you see now are fallen angels who flew down from heaven to these skyscrapers. “The city where angels alight down to”ーyou, who just moved in, suddenly encounter these angels unexpectedly. You, who yearns for death, piqued the interest of these fallen angels. You, who is curious about death, decides to spend time with them before your life ends. If you’re ready to face and accept death, these fallen angels will sing you a songーa death song, which you’ll be killed once you listen.

Hey guys! I’ll be doing a review for a drama CD for the first time with this series I just recently listened to. This is gonna be a first for me so I hope I do well, lol. I just got into listening to drama CDs recently and I plan to make it my daily stress reliever now once I go back to school. So my iPad’s packed with different drama CD volumes for the mean time. www _(:3」z)_

I don’t have much knowledge about drama CD series actually. I did listened to three drama CD series before namely Diabolik Lovers Do-S, Wasurenagusa and Seventh Heaven which were already few years back. ANYWAYーI got really interested with this drama series because it’s all about fallen angels! Pretty sure you guys know that fallen angels are angels that are casted out from heaven because you know, who wouldn’t love fallen angels seriouslyーwww( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well, let’s start with the review of the first volumeーIzaya! (*’▽’*)




6 thoughts on “Drama CD Review : Thanatos Night Vol. 1 – Izaya

  1. shawnelizkwan says:

    That was a really good and thorough summary of Izaya’s drama! I really liked him a lot after listening to his drama, he’s so sweet and tsundere! I look forward to your review on Nia’s drama despite the ending… Also, just wondering, are you planning to review all the angels of the Thanatos Night series? And maybe Re:Vival as well? I look forward to Re:Vival, I wonder what the story will be about besides the angels losing their memories from 100 years ago…


    • Rikka says:

      Aww~ thank you! I did my best writing it after listening to the whole volume so many times, lol. He’s really a tsundere and such a sweet one which I also enjoyed! (〃ω〃)

      I’m glad you’re looking forward for Nia’s review next! I’ll start working on it after I let myself enjoy playing first, lol. And I technically haven’t listened to his volume yet so I’m curious now why you said that ending though. I’m already looking forward to it~ 👀✨

      Yes, I plan to review all angels of Thanatos Night as well as Re:Vival! I’m already looking forward to Re:Vival because of them losing their memories from 100 years ago plus seeing Rejet did made some changes about their bios. www


      • Rikka says:

        I’m not sure but you know anything can happened seeing it’s Rejet. Though my only speculation is that the heroine may have been reincarnated because of the shooting star. Because a human’s soul can be revived through reincarnation but the problem is just that you won’t have memories of your past life.


      • shawnelizkwan says:

        Although it is not possible, could Re:Vival also possibly refer to the heroine’s memories of being together with the angels before they killed her in the first series, not just their memories from 100 years ago?


      • Rikka says:

        Maybe but let’s just hope Rejet surprises us. I haven’t actually read Re:Vival’s story completely yet, seeing I’d like to read it once I’m done with the first series. For now, lets just wait for what Rejet has in store for us with Thanatos Night Re:Vival. ^^


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