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Drama CD Review : Thanatos Night Vol. 1 – Izaya

“If you want to die, go ahead. You have to obey my orders though?” – イザヤ

rejet-banner_1500x625_thanatosDrama CD Series : Thanatos Night (Official Website)
Release Date : 2016, November 23
Company : Rejet

Descending down from the heavens to these sleepless skyscrapers, a “gig” by fallen angels take place. The ones you see now are fallen angels who flew down from heaven to these skyscrapers. “The city where angels alight down to”ーyou, who just moved in, suddenly encounter these angels unexpectedly. You, who yearns for death, piqued the interest of these fallen angels. You, who is curious about death, decides to spend time with them before your life ends. If you’re ready to face and accept death, these fallen angels will sing you a songーa death song, which you’ll be killed once you listen.

Hey guys! I’ll be doing a review for a drama CD for the first time with this series I just recently listened to. This is gonna be a first for me so I hope I do well, lol. I just got into listening to drama CDs recently and I plan to make it my daily stress reliever now once I go back to school. So my iPad’s packed with different drama CD volumes for the mean time. www _(:3」z)_

I don’t have much knowledge about drama CD series actually. I did listened to three drama CD series before namely Diabolik Lovers Do-S, Wasurenagusa and Seventh Heaven which were already few years back. ANYWAYーI got really interested with this drama series because it’s all about fallen angels! Pretty sure you guys know that fallen angels are angels that are casted out from heaven because you know, who wouldn’t love fallen angels seriouslyーwww( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well, let’s start with the review of the first volumeーIzaya! (*’▽’*)

First things first, let’s do a background check about our first fallen angel, Izayaー

tumblr_ofnk463ewz1rf5kv4o7_1280Izaya (One-Winged Fallen Angel)

VA : Hatano Wataru
Height : 177cm
Weight : 55 kg
Likes : Melon
Dislikes : Cookies made by Liam

Okay, so that’s all the details Rejet gave us for Izaya but seriously all I can say is I love the art and character design so much! Regarding one-winged fallen angels, they’re very rare to be seen or heard of. I know one angel that’s one-winged but why would I elaborate him here, lol. He’s good-looking thoughーwww( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Okay, stop it meーso anyway I’m curious as to what are the personalities of Rejet’s fallen angels! Why? Because I know some fallen angels that have really nasty, rude and deceitful attitude but there are others that are a bit nice andーwait, I shouldn’t be talking about this, lol. Sorry, I got a bit off track there so please don’t mind about what I said. It’s a lie. Nope. Nope, I don’t know any fallen angels so I’ll just keep quiet nowーwww _(:3」z)_

Let’s move on to the tracks for his volume! It’s compose of 8 tracks where the last track is free talk. As for the tokutens, I wish I could listen to them if I find one. I’ll give a spoiler summary as I’m lazy as my deadly devil’s sin to translate the whole CD. I’ll probably translate some lines but that’s it. This is gonna be a long post also and any comments in italics/strikethrough is my inner fangirl, please forgive her in advance so… Let’s start deathー _(┐「ε:)_


Main CD Track List :

  1. 片翼の堕天使 (One-Winged Fallen Angel)
  2. 天使の羽 (An Angel’s Wing)
  3. 眠らない街、夜の摩天楼
    (A Town that Doesn’t Sleep, A Skyscraper at Night)
  4. 必ず迎える日 (The Day We Surely Greet)
  5. 約束 (A Promise)
  6. iN Your Eyes
  7. Extra Track ~星空を見上げて~
    (Look Up at the Starry Sky)
  8. フリートーク (Free Talk)

The track starts with you standing at the edge of the roof and Izaya finds you there. As he confronts you, he introduces himself as one of your classmates in school. He noticed that you can see his wing meaning you’re going to die soon so he never expected that you’ll be at this placeー

You : Do you plan on dying as well?
Izaya : Ha? Of course not. Don’t associate me with the likes of you.
You : Why are you here though?
Izaya : I didn’t come here to die. I just like high places, that’s all.

Izaya encourages you if you want to die, go ahead and fall to your death as he’ll watch it from here. The BGM here by the way is just so awesome www You hesitate. So he assures you that you won’t die today yet because he’s going to be the one to kill you. Also because you’ve seen his wing, you won’t be able to escape from him and die soon. For now, he tells you to go home and rest before he flies off.

At school during recess, you went to the rooftop and find Izaya slacking off. He says it’s a nuisance you found him and his favorite place. You told him that you want to know the person who’ll kill you soー

Izaya : If you’re that curious then, guess what I am?
You : A devil?
Izaya : Heh. A devil, huh? Well, I’m definitely not a human. There’s also that from yesterday but..
*Izaya gets close to you*
Izaya : ..Unfortunatelyーit’s wrong.

You : ..A fallen angel then?
Izaya : ー!

Izaya got offendedーmeaning it was a bulls-eyeーcausing him to grab you by the neck and starts choking you. He warns you if you mention that he’s a fallen angel again, he’ll kill you for sure. He makes it clear that he’s an angel and don’t confuse him with a fallen angel. He clarifies that the wing you saw was an angel’s wing and only people who’re about to die can see it. It doesn’t matter if an angel wings are black. He tighten his grip to kill you as your punishment for saying he’s a fallen angel. He lets you go though because you didn’t resist so he lost interest. Izaya’s ditching class because it’s boring and will do whatever he likes for the meantime. You decided to tag along with him but he asks why would you even bother specially with a guy who almost killed you. In the end, he gave up and lets you follow him.

Moments later, you and Izaya are wandering down the city streets. The BGM is so awesome again, it’s so catchy! www He likes to walk around and play in certain places. He suddenly stops as he saw someoneーI have a feeling that it was probably Liamーgrabs you and tells you to run. You rest at a park as Izaya sighs that running made him tired. He asks you how’s the feeling ditching class for the first time and comments how he never thought you’d be ditch class with him. So he suggests that you should try doing something else with the time left before you die and he triesー

*Izaya pushes you down*

Izaya : You’ve never been kissed once at all before, right?
*YouI’ll let you guys imagine what your reaction is here ♪( ´▽`)*
Izaya : *chuckles* You’re so easy to understand seeing you talk you so much. Seeー

*Izaya kisses you*

Once Izaya parted his lips from yoursーI feel like I’m typing a novel here, lololーyou didn’t made any reactions for what he just did. He sighs, tells you how boring then leaves you behind.

You find Izaya at the school rooftop during lunch break. He sighs because you’ve been coming here everyday. He doesn’t want you following him anymore but you wanted to talk to him. He asks if you’ve forgotten about what he did to you at the park before you answered no and didn’t dislike the kiss but he says you misunderstood him. He’s not your friend but an angel who’ll kill you and nothing good will happen if you continue being with him. He comments that you’ve changed after knowing that you’ll die. Normally, people would get depressed once they found out they’re about to die. You offered him your lunch but he declined saying he can live without eating because he’s an angel. What Izaya said is true, angels can live without eating anything. You ask him if you’ll go to heaven once you die which he doesn’t know and doesn’t care about what’ll happen after your death. Next, you ask about his wing which he answered he usually hides it. Suddenly he pushes you down and starts strangling you. He mentions it’s unnatural to be friends with your killer but you resist his strangle this time which amused him. He releases you as he lost interest. As the bell rings, he tells to you to mind your own business before leaving.

Sometime later, Izaya’s flying and surprised to see you still at the school rooftop after what happened earlier on. He tells you not to misunderstood him. Since he didn’t came for you cause he’s concerned or anythingーoh shush it Izaya. www He asks why did you skip class and answered you start thinking about your death. He doesn’t understand why you kept thinking about it then asks if you plan to stay hereー

Izaya : Tch, can’t be helped.. I’ll get you out. Come here.
*You walk towards him*
You : Are you sure youー
*Izaya exposes his wing*
Izaya Shut up. It’s hard but I can still carry you. Seeー
*Izaya lifts you up and takes off*
Izaya ー! H-heavyーare you really kidding me?!

Seeing Izaya only has one wing, he struggles to continue on flying while carrying you but ended up in a crash landing. You ask if he’s alright but brushes you off saying he’s not. He tells you to just go home and leave him alone as he take his leave.

At the roof, Izaya’s muttering to himself that he shouldn’t have helped you get out last time and this annoys him. He notices your presence as you show up. Tells you to leave him alone because you have no business with him. You still decided sit down next to him. He tells you that you were trembling when you first attempted to kill yourself even until now. You denied it but doesn’t believe it soー

*You attempt to fall*
Izaya : ー!
*Izaya grabs and stops you*
You : ..why are youー
Izaya : Don’t just die without my permission. I told you, I’ll be the only one to kill you when you die. So don’t you dare make a mistake until then.
*Izaya lets go of you*
You : ..so why are you here then?
Izaya : Ha? I’m watching the town, you can tell just by looking.
*You gaze at the town’s view*
Izaya : A town that doesn’t sleep, a skyscraper at night.

Izaya tells that the town’s view doesn’t hold any special intentions for him and asks you to look down below. He comments how you can barely see people from being high up and admits that it’s one of the reasons why he likes being in high places. He hates humans because he can’t understand their ways of thinking. Same Izaya, I hate us humans too and the music here is great as well! www You ask why but he won’t answer it because you’re a human and it’s his problem for not liking them. He continues on saying he wasn’t interested about you until you called him out in class and got to know you more when you wanted to die.

Izaya asked if you have any regrets of wanting to die which you don’t. You told him you’ve changed because of him but protests why does it have something to do with him. You explained it’s because he’s near you that you still want to die which confuses himー

Izaya : You.. what’re you even saying? I still have my role to steal away a human’s life you know? In the first place, as a fallen angelー
You..a fallen angel?
Izaya : Ahー *sighs* yeah, that’s right.. I’m a fallen angel.

Izaya didn’t technically lied to you because he once was an angel. You asked how it happened so he tells you he opened a dangerous letter that was from his mother’s lover. He was silenced by being cast out of heaven as his punishment. He became a fallen angel without even knowing the reason why he became one. He also explained he lost his other wing when he was falling down as it got struck by thunder. I honestly feel Izaya hereーbecause for an angel, their wings mean everything to them. So for Izaya, humans and angels will never change. His story has nothing to do with you so you can forget and erase it. You told him that he’s lonely but denies itーeven after being a fallen angel, he’s satisfied with his current life and claimed that you’ll never understand him.

You asked Izaya one last thingーyou’d like to be friends with him. He protests what’s the use of being friends with him if you’re going to die. He should’ve known all along that you won’t stop until he says yes. He sighs and tells you that you’re a strange person because it’s the first time he saw someone smiling very brightly even after knowing they’ll die. He finally decides to be your friend and mentions that you and him are alikeーboth of you are lonely which he reluctantly admits now. Seeing it was going to be a long talk, you just decided to look up at the starry skyー

Izaya : I told you I like looking down here. What, do you like the stars?
You : Yeah, I really like the stars up in the sky.
Izaya : HmmーI don’t get it. What’s so good about it?
You : They’re like fragments of people’s lives.
Izaya : Fragment of one’s life?

Izaya asks if you believe in that superstition which you do. For him, once a person dies, they don’t become a star but they become nothing which frustrates you. He tells you don’t be because he’ll be by your side until you die. He finally informs you that he’ll kill you on the next full moon. Fallen angels can only take a person’s life on a full moon. Hearing this, you decide to leave firstーIzaya pondered why did he agreed on being friends with you whereas he never planned in getting involved. So he finally decides that this is going to be the last time and see this through the end before he flies off.

Izaya approaches you at school and tells you to follow him. You protest but decides that both of you are going to skip class so he drags you to just come with him already. He takes you on a date to the aquarium. IT’S A DATE www First watched a dolphin show where Izaya complained the dolphin splashed water on him. He doesn’t dislike the aquarium as he likes it’s a different kind of darkness from how the town is at night. You asked him if you can check the starfish but rejects its and insisted to just look at the bigger fishes. Still walking around, Izaya says there are so many different sized fish. He asks you to teach him what their called but quickly retracts it because it’s too embarrassing for him. OMFG HE WAS A TSUN HERE!! So you told him that he taught you how it’s like to have fun with someone which he denied and still admits he actually enjoyed it a bitー

Izaya : Hey..
*Izaya grabs and pulls you close to him*
You : ー!
Izaya : It’s okay, it’s dark here. No audience will see us. Just run now if you don’t like it.
YouI won’t run.
Izaya : You’re.. really cute. Close your eyes..
*Izaya kisses you*

Izaya tells you if you continue to act this way, this kiss is going be her last. You didn’t mind and calls you an idiot for it. He doesn’t want you to fall in love with him because he’s a fallen angel who’s about to kill you. Before bidding goodbye, he tells you that he really enjoyed spending time with you.

You find Izaya at the school rooftop and allows you to do whatever you want as yon’t listen to whatever he says. You asked him if he’s worried which he isn’t then asks you to leave him alone but you confessed your feelings that you’ve fallen in love with him. This shocks Izaya and tells you made him think of something that he never wanted to think aboutー

You : I’m sorry..
Izaya It’s nothing.. You don’t need to apologize.. Hey.. I’d like to ask you something.
You : ..what is it?
Izaya : Did you.. enjoy living your current life?
You : but Izaー
Izaya : Don’t worry about that and just answer me..!
You : Yes, I did.
Izaya : I see.. Then why did you think about death..?! If you didn’t thought about it.. There’s no need for me to kill you.
*Izaya suddenly pulls you close to him*
Izaya : I never wanted to kill you.. Truth is.. I don’t want you to die.. I just want you to live..
You : Izaya..
Izaya : I.. I love you..

Izaya confessed he realized it when he saw your smile and wanted to make you smile more. He was supposed to hate humans as the reason why he stayed with you was because of your intention of dying. He asks you again why do you want to die, you didn’t say anything but thank him instead. He isn’t a good person and that he’s going to be the one to kill you. He protests why did you have to fall in love for him knowing that you’ll die and disappear. You assured him you won’t disappear because you’ll become a star that’ll always watch over him. He scoffs telling you he doesn’t believe in that superstition because when you die, you’ll disappear and won’t be by his side anymore. He tells you he won’t look up at the sky and look for you because it’s pointless to even keep the promise. Thus, he ran and suddenly flies off.

On night of the full moon, Izaya finds you where he left you at the school roof. He sighs sadly because you didn’t ran away so he’ll fulfill his duty as a fallen angel. He approaches you and asked if you’re scaredーyou said no but your hands are trembling. He assures you that everything will be alright and explains how you’ll die. Fallen angels take human lives by simply singing a song to them. Once you hear it, you’ll die. Ever since Izaya became a fallen angel, he has taken so many lives of people who have seen his black wing. He never hesitated before because he believed that if a person wants to die, they should die. With you, it was different. He wants you to live but you’ve up your mind and accepted your fate ever since you first saw his black wingー

Izaya I love you. That’s why.. I’ll give you my song.
You : Yeah..
Izaya : Also.. I couldn’t say it but.. I promiseーI’ll always look for you among the stars. I’m done looking down. From now on, I’ll look up to the sky and watch over you.
You : I’ll also watch over you Izaya.
Izaya : Yeah, just watch over me. It’s a promise.

iN Your Eyes

~星空を見上げて~ (Look Up at the Starry Sky)

*lands down on a rooftop*
*looks up at the sky, sighs*

“The night sky has so many stars tonight.”
“One of them is her fragment of life.”

“Heh. Guess it’s gonna take sometime before I find her.”
“But still.. I made a promise.”

*reaches his hand up towards the stars*

“Hey.. You’re there, right?”
“I’ve kept my promise so show me yours.”

“I can’t love anyone else other than you.”
“That’s why.. Just stay by my side forever.”

*a shooting star suddenly appears by*

“I found you.”


Final Thoughts and Conclusion

How do I end this, lmaoーso that’s it for Izaya’s drama review! Overall, I quite enjoyed listening to his volume! His song’s so addictive! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I can finally admit I love Wataru’s voice so much now. www He voiced a few of my favorite characters who are Yaotome Gaku(Idolish7) and Wizard(Taisho x Alice)ーthat’s all I can remember but pretty sure he also voiced others I like at least I just don’t remember them anymore. Seeing I’m not familiar with seiyuu names before until recently which I’m just getting used to, lol. His voice portrayal was just absolutely perfect and you can just feel the emotions in every situation! I felt so much emotions for Izaya, I swear to God sometimes I just want to hug him and stay beside him forever. ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

If you love angels especially fallen angels plus easy to understand, I’d definitely recommend this one to you guys~ Speaking of angels, what Izaya mentioned actually in his tracks are true. I love angels so I always do research and read about them, lol. Where did I learned about angels? Well.. That’s a secret~ ⃛ヾ(❛ ▿ ◠ ) I’ll just clarify parts Izaya mentioned to expand everyone’s knowledge about angels soー

  • Angels don’t eat anything so they can practically survive without eating a single food in their entire life. An angel’s life can live up to millions of years actually..
  • An angel’s wings is the most important part of their body for an angel, why? It’s because their wings tell their ranks as well as how powerful they are. So if they lost one of their wings, it brings them severeーI literally mean EXTREMEーpain just to recover from it.
  • Angels either have white, black or both color for their wings. White wings, black wings or black & white wings, you name it~

I’ll only share what I know until there so I do hope Nia’s volume tells us more which I can elaborate further for you guys, lol. I actually pondered at the part where Izaya lost his wing because that must’ve been really painful for him. Thankfully, he’s enjoying his life being a one-winged but still.. My precious boyーI swear I want to hug you because you’ve been through so much. ( ͒˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ ͒) If you listened to his tracks also, he’s a bit of a tsundere and really cares for the heroine a lot! He tells you to leave him alone and all but still sticks with you until the moment you died soーyep, he’s a tsundere. You’ll also notice I wrote lines for the heroine and that’s because I put myself in the heroine’s shoes. Whenever I listen to drama CDs, I have the tendency to imagined the situation in my own perspective. I find it really fun doing that so not sure about you guys but I’m pretty sure you do tooright~? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I included Izaya’s song in this post if you want to listenーif you want to die, joke! I’ve listened to it many times already and here I am still alive, lol. I also just decided to translate the extra track seeing I don’t want to summarize it and felt like it’s better that way. I’ll try to do the same for the next volumes I plan to review. I plan to do all soーRIP Rikka And I just want to comment the shooting star sound effect Rejet used like what the heck, it doesn’t fit their music so much! I’m looking at you Rejetー눈_눈 And that’s about everything! ( ;∀;)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! www I also hope you understood the summaries because it’s pretty longーI told myself to keep it short but look what happened, lol me. It took me a week to finish this and lost count of how many times I had to proofreadーRIP again Rikka. I had to listen to the whole volume many times because I had to double checked if I made any mistakes with what I understood, wrote and translated here. Yes, I translated some parts by myself and pretty sure I have mistakes since I’m not that fluent yet, still learning actually. Feel free to correct me though! www _(:3 」∠)_

With thatーthis ends the blog post for today! Hope to see you guys again on the next volume! I’ll start with Nia’s after I finish Gretel’s route in Taisho x Alice, lol. Let me enjoy gaming for the meantime soーsee you on the next one! ♪( ´▽`)


6 thoughts on “Drama CD Review : Thanatos Night Vol. 1 – Izaya

  1. That was a really good and thorough summary of Izaya’s drama! I really liked him a lot after listening to his drama, he’s so sweet and tsundere! I look forward to your review on Nia’s drama despite the ending… Also, just wondering, are you planning to review all the angels of the Thanatos Night series? And maybe Re:Vival as well? I look forward to Re:Vival, I wonder what the story will be about besides the angels losing their memories from 100 years ago…


    1. Aww~ thank you! I did my best writing it after listening to the whole volume so many times, lol. He’s really a tsundere and such a sweet one which I also enjoyed! (〃ω〃)

      I’m glad you’re looking forward for Nia’s review next! I’ll start working on it after I let myself enjoy playing first, lol. And I technically haven’t listened to his volume yet so I’m curious now why you said that ending though. I’m already looking forward to it~ 👀✨

      Yes, I plan to review all angels of Thanatos Night as well as Re:Vival! I’m already looking forward to Re:Vival because of them losing their memories from 100 years ago plus seeing Rejet did made some changes about their bios. www


      1. I’m not sure but you know anything can happened seeing it’s Rejet. Though my only speculation is that the heroine may have been reincarnated because of the shooting star. Because a human’s soul can be revived through reincarnation but the problem is just that you won’t have memories of your past life.


      2. Although it is not possible, could Re:Vival also possibly refer to the heroine’s memories of being together with the angels before they killed her in the first series, not just their memories from 100 years ago?


      3. Maybe but let’s just hope Rejet surprises us. I haven’t actually read Re:Vival’s story completely yet, seeing I’d like to read it once I’m done with the first series. For now, lets just wait for what Rejet has in store for us with Thanatos Night Re:Vival. ^^


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