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Game Review : NET HIGH

Japanese Title : ネットハイ
Romaji : Net High

Any texts and images in this post may contain spoilers, you’ve been warned. |_・)


Net High is a game developed by Marvelous! for the vita console which was last released on November 26, 2015. This game became one of the free games included for PS Plus members in selected countries on the month of January 2017. Now the reason I decided to get this game is becauseー

  1. It’s free while my PS plus membership hasn’t expired yet, lol.
  2. As I read its game summary, I seriously got interested with it so much. The sample screenshots also gave me a similarity to Danganronpa’s system but doesn’t have to do with any killings though so I decided to give it a try.

Well with that, let’s start the review for Net High~! o(^◇^)o

2017-01-20-113631Story : The game revolves around its society where the government implemented a bill known as “Neo Communications Act“ーmeant to control the economy, birth rates and NEETs. Every citizen is given an exclusive smartphones that uses a social network app called “Tweeter“ーused as their form of communication and how the government judges you. The government provides you a special allowance which they base on your social achievementsーfollower counts, popularity, so on and so forth. Giving you an end result of being a “riajuu“ーa person who has a fulfilling life ranking. Problem isーit ended up becoming a harsher reality. Some ‘riajuu’ started in monopolizing those with wealth, popularity and tons of followers by degrading them to be a “non-riajuu“ーa person known as a jobless, nobody and rotten individual within the society.

Now how these individuals became so popular is shrouded in mystery and this is where our protagonist, Oreshi, comes in. Oreshi is a ‘non-riajuu’ and an unambitious NEET boy who just works part-time at a convenient store. On his way to his part-time job, he meets a girl, whom he refered as “that girl“, that he helped tending with a cat she found on the street. The girl complimented Oreshi as a kind person and he became one of her followers in tweeter. Suddenly however, her account started losing followers and became a dead account quickly. This was because of the so called “ENJ Battles” or flame wars that are public debates where a lower rank can challenge a higher rank that can be used to expose their real appearance and steal their followers. These battles are also broadcasted live on a site known as “Niyoniyo Douga“. One day, Oreshi obtains a glasses called “MEGA-NEXUS“ーa device that completely changes his personality to an outgoing and burning positive individual. With it, he then decided to challenge those of higher ranks to know the truth behind what really happened.

Characters : Net High’s characters are quite relatable in our generation today. I’ll only be mentioning the main characters since the others aren’t that much important. Besides you’ll get to know them once you progress the gameー

2017-01-23-191345Oreshi (VA : Ishikawa Kaito) – our unambitious protagonist and, of course, a NEET. He works at a convenient store as his part-time job. He doesn’t talk much to others before until he obtained the MEGA-NEXUS that completely changed his personality. He treasures his friends a lot more than you think.

2017-01-25-003546Shiru (VA : Uchida Maaya) – Oreshi’s partner and a navigation AI that came with the MEGA-NEXUS. She likes reading shoujo manga and is an otome girl at heart, she said so herself, lol. She’s supportive of her master and helps out during investigations. She worries for him as well as teases him from time to time.

2017-02-03-172736MC (VA : Nogami Yukana) – a.k.a “Master of Ceremony” is the judge and overseer of ENJ Battles. She decides who will challenge who, set the date of the battle and either accept or decline a challenge proposed by the people. She has the verdict whether to start a battle and end it if she wants to.

System : How the game works is quite similar to Danganronpa’s system and mechanics. I  heard it’s also similar with Ace Attorney but haven’t played it yet though as I’m more into Danganronpa actually. First up, here’s how the menu looks like!

The first menu is the menu you’ll see when you load a save file. Continue where you left off, chapter selectionーespecially if you want to jump on the certain parts of the storyーgallery and config. Once you’re in-game, your menu is your own smartphone. You’ll have access to Tweeter, mails, tips as well as the presents you receive as rewards. So let’s move onto the investigations!

You’ll be doing investigations to get gossips you’ll need the most during the ENJ Battles. During investigations, you’ll be able to access the map. At first, you’ll only have access to limited places like your room, convenient store and city street. This will expand and open up more places as you progress throughout the story, met new friends and comrades.

2017-01-23-195435You’ll also have access with the Tweeter app by posting incendiary gossips to start a fuel flame tweets to get attention and get additional gossips. You’ll literally see the flames too when you fuel more flames on your incendiary gossips, lol. So people are literally likeーFIGHT ME! GO DIE! DIEEE! 눈___눈 You’re only limited to tweet certain gossips though which will be provided automatically. Depending on what you choose to tweet, you’ll either gain or lose followers. There are tweets though that gets you nothing as well.

2017-01-20-171754You’ll also make use of  the “Lifelog Search” where you’ll be able to look and find information logs that can be used as gossips. This is just available at certain locations and events though which you’ll only encounter within the story. This can’t be used during ENJ Battles. Picking the one you need for your investigation is actually in a pink data tab as the yellow ones are just useless, lol. Well as Shiru said, it’s the glasses and her power that enables you to see and do this though. XDD

2017-01-23-195710Once you’ve gathered enough gossips, you’ll do the “Fuse Line Inspiration” to brainstorm and form a new gossip. You’ll be given a number of words or phrases that you’ll need to connect in order to get a new insight with all the gossips you’ve collected as well as open a new speculation behind the truth you seek. Be careful on choosing the wrong ones though as it’ll decrease your attractiveness gauge which you’ll see at the top left corner.

Now let’s move onto the ENJ Battles! ♡(ŐωŐ人)

2017-01-20-112601Every ENJ battle starts with a set of appeals known as the “Appeal Time” regarding certain topics. Each topic varies depending on what your opponent wants to talk about. Each set of appeals will contain a lie where you need to find it and expose the truth by making use of your gossips. Though some appeals have a hidden truth behind them where you need to enrage or flare up your opponent to reveal a hint. Result of it may open a new set of appeals or add additional ones to the current set of appeals you’ve started on with.

When you get to expose your opponent’s lies, you’ll be asked to provide further evidence using your gossip which is known as “Burning Innovation“. There are times you’ll have to choose a part of the gossip that provides more concrete evidence which will boost it up and give more credibility to falter your opponent. Be careful on picking the wrong ones also as it will result with you losing followers. (・_・ヾ

You’ll also be able to profess your thoughts against your opponents using the “Committee Lead Speech” where you’ll basically make a passionate or burning speech, lol. There’ll always be a topic you’ll need to elaborate so put your passion into it! You’ll need to connect all 3 lines to gain and win over the viewers’ likes which you’ll need once you’ve said your speech. In other words, after your speech, it’s a battle between likes, LMAO. As always, the winner is the one with the most likes from the viewers. I like this one the most actually out of the game, lol. You’ll honestly enjoy the choices each speech in every chapter, lolol. XDDD

2017-01-23-224442We also have the “Honest See-Through” where you’ll look into the most inner thoughts of your opponent. You’ll need to dig deep through in order to get the truth you seek. This will only be activated when your opponent has made an opening which Shiru will inform you about if you’ll use it. The words you get to know here will be added in your gossip notes as additional ones to help you out in ENJ battles! Be careful of those don’t touch!! clouds as that’ll cause it to expand and make it hard for you to remove those useless clouds.


Lastly, all throughout the battle you’ll notice that explosions happen when you manage to uncover the truth behind a lie of your opponent. You’ll need to take note of these because you’ll have highly need them at the climax part known as “Time of Explosion“.  You’ll need to put the kana in the right squares to form the words or phrases that reveals the truth behind their appearance. As the very last part, you’ll finally uncover the truth and punch it into their face of what their real appearance and true identities are. As this game always sayーLETS ENJOOOOOY!! (「`・ω・)「

We aren’t done yet though as Oreshi also has his own free time to talk to his harem known as the “Real Life Fulfillment Experience” or the riajuu experience. Yes, Oreshi has his own harem you guys, lmao. Our protagonist’s harem expands as you move onto new chapters. You get to touch any part of their bodyーyes I mean any partlike thisー

You even get trophies for touching certain partsーI ain’t kidding, okay. You can check it honestly with the trophy list here. You’ll know what I’m talking about soー( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Also as you progress in each riajuu experience, you’ll break a wall in their hearts which literally breaks a wall with matching sound effects if you do, LMAO. You’ll also gain “Cheat Skills” when completing every experience on every girl. They give out different kinds of skill that will come in handy during ENJ battles specially if you can’t read some kanjis because they can mean something else.

Art & Music Soundtrack : The art used for Net High vividly reminds me of Gurren Lagann’s art to be honest. Though they aren’t the same as they just resemble each other is all really.

Character designs are drawn and illustrated by Sugi Koutarou. He’s the illustrator who made the art for Sousei no Gargantia if you’re familiar with it! The art’s actually nice and fits the game perfectly~ The characters even have funny sprites that are so on point and will make you enjoy the game more. I can’t share a lot of the sprites but here are two that I selected from my screenshots above at least. You’ll enjoy more of everyone’s expressions throughout the game. ( ´艸`)

2017-03-01-202241Next, we have it’s soundtrack! The music used is awesome, well composed and fits the game very much! It’s compose of 52 tracks in total. Some of them are just short, loop and other versions used in the game so it’s like a repeated track but is still good nevertheless. Most of the music is upbeat actually because the game is full of burning, explosion and comedic moments! (≧∀≦)

Enjoyment & Final Thoughts : And that’s it for Net High’s review! I gotta say it was really fun to try out and play this game! Overall, it’s a good and enjoyable game to play! I had to write down every step of the way whenever I’m in an ENJ battle though, lol. I have to write in detail on my notebook since I still need to 100% this game’s trophies, RIP. I’m just missing out about 7 trophies so I hope I finally complete it and earn the platinum trophy! I’m practically stuck in missing one lie I can’t seem to uncover in Chapter 2 so yeahーI’m stuck on it. I got to uncover all for the others but just NOT this one. I cryーwww _(:3」z)_

Throughout the game, everyone was fun to watch as their real identities got exposed and reflected about it. Towards the end, it’s story got me surprised until I finally learned the truth about everything, lol! I honestly want this game to be localized in english because I really think a lot of people will come to enjoy this game. It relates a lot about the anime community because there are parts of the story where it deals with love for mahou shoujo, yaoi, mangaka, love for anime characters and more! You can even relate to some characters most especially with our protagonist if you’re a closet NEET. He actually reminded me of one of my friend who used to be one but changed now. ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎

I’d definitely recommend Net High if you want comedy as well as a breather game! I kept playing otome games last year so this was a good choice as my breather game. It’s just that you’ll still make use of your brain over each chapter thinking everything through, lol. I’m actually considering this as an underrated game because people are missing out a good one in my opinion. Hope you guys at least decided to grab it while it was free play for PS Plus members last January though. GIVE IT A TRY I BEG YOU ; w ;


Wellーthat’s the end for this blog post! Hope you guys enjoyed reading my review for Net High! Also if you’d like to check out the livetweets I managed for Net High, check it here! I finally finished a game reviewー*laughs nervously* after so long, I.. 。゚(TヮT)゚。

I was supposed to post this way back last January this year but look what happenedーRIP Rikka. I should try to finish my draft game reviews more often now seeing I feel so lazy when I tell myself to finish it and can’t find to time to do it, lmao. I don’t know what I’ll be posting next but I can assure it’s an unboxing though! I’ll also do a special post about my friend’s book as she gave me permission to check it out so I’ll showcase it here! It’s from a certain popular otome series that pretty much fellow fangirls know of so be sure to follow if you want to stay tune for new posts! ♪( ´▽`)

Hope to see you guys on the next one! SO LET’S ENJOOOOOOOOY!! ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)


One thought on “Game Review : NET HIGH

  1. Similar to danganronpa!!
    Non-riajuu sound like hikkikomori’s aka me 💦💦
    Niyoniyo Douga 😹😹😹😹😹
    You need to play Ace Attorney, if you haven’t yet!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    This sounds really interesting actually, waaaah, I’m sad this never came :((
    It has a lot of similar stuff to AA franchise for sure, I like it, it looks fun and engaging 👀✨
    /weeps at her lack of Japanese
    Forever can’t enjoy this and it really looks like it’s exactly the type of game I love! Aaaah, I’m brokoro 😭💔
    Lovely review bb 💖💖💖💖✨✨👌👌👌👌

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