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Otoge Review : Period:Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~

headerOriginal Title : ピリオドキューブ ~鳥籠のアマデウス~
Romaji : Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~

Any texts and images in this post will contain spoilers, you’ve been warned. |_・)

Period:Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ is one of the otome game titles developed by Otomate which was released on May 19, 2016. It was then announced for localization by Aksys Games which was recently released on April 28, 2017. So finally, another otome game gets localized after Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ and Norn9 Var Commons were released to the West almost 2 years ago. Luckily this year, we’re getting more titles which I’m looking forward to. If you’ve read my gaming plans blog post for this year, I mentioned I’ll be picking up this game eventually. I never expected to pick it up as soon as it’s released though, lol. Nevertheless, I still had two reasons why I decided to pick up this gameー

  1. The game tackles about MMO which is similar to SAO(Sword Art Online). I’ve played MMOs before during my high school years so it did piqued my interest, lol. I was an online gamer before I completely changed to consoles. _(:3 」∠)_
  2. I enjoyed Kuroyuki’s work for Black Wolves Saga so I’m glad to see her new work for Period Cube! I’m looking forward to the dark themed illustrations she drew here for my eyes~ 🙃✨

With that, let’s start with the review for this game~! ( ´ ▽ ` )

Set in a mysterious fantasy online RPG popularly known as Arcadia, there’s an unknown hidden server called World V where most players aren’t aware of.

Kazuha Hanamiya was living her normal life until her childhood friend, Hiroya, tells her that her brother, Shiki, has gone missing. After confirming the situation, she agreed to help Hiroya in looking for her missing brother and decides to check up on him. As soon as they searched, they found no luck about his whereabouts in his university but only left a single trace at his apartment through his computer. The screen displayed the words “Accessing World V” and as Hiroya saw this, he mentioned Shiki left him a message saying “Don’t go near World V” before he disappeared. Thus, leaving them with no choice but to search and investigate for Shiki in Arcadia’s World V server themselves.

With Hiroya’s help during character creation, Kazuha created a sub-character avatar using her brother’s account to gain access and entered the server World V of Arcadia. Despite having no knowledge about online gaming and its terminologies, she still wanted to look for her missing brother. As she just started out, a system message was sent to all its players informing an update about a newly added item considered to be the last one of the Trinity Swords. Kazuha and Hiroya learn that Kazuha became the rare item called the “Celestial Amadeus” but as her race instead. They also learned truth behind Arcadia’s World V serverーyour soul is trapped inside the game while your body is unconscious and is in a state of coma in the real world. If your HP reaches 0 in Arcadia, your physical body in the real world will experience death. The only way to return to the real world is to beat the final boss and clear the final room inside the Ark.

Thus, Kazuha continues on finding her missing brother as she experience the world of Arcadia. As she met new companions, a number of players devote their lives to clear the Ark to return to the real world but little do they know of the real truth behind it once they succeeded in conquering the Ark. Because of Kazuha’s arrival inside Arcadia, World V’s destruction hastens as another update was sent to all players informing the increased appearances of the Jaws of Death. So.. Will Kazuha be able to find her brother and escape the cage of Arcadia has that trapped everyone inside? Or will she hesitate and end up trapped inside this cage faced with nothing but a dead end?

System : Period Cube’s game system and UI are easy to navigate and pleasing to one’s view. As you start with the game, you’ll see the home screenー

..which actually changes depending on what time of the day you start the game.  So you’ll see Arcadia either in morning, afternoon or evening. Also if you’re on idle, Poyo-poyo will suddenly pop up out of nowhere just to bother you like “Hurry up and start playing already, poyo.” 😂

Here’s how the menu once you start with the story. You can check the affection meter as your guide to go through whichever route you plan to aim for. You’ll also be able to check their in-game statsーcharacter level, stats and equipment. It also has a dictionary in case you don’t know the terminologies used as you read onward! ( ´ ▽ ` )

2017-05-01-180619Another awesome system this game has is the “History” or in other termsーa flowchart! This is a neat one because you’ll easily have access on which chapter you can get into and get the ends you haven’t read. And lastly, the only thing I’m really surprised that this game has is thisー

Character Routes : There are 6 main guys and 1 branched off route you’ll find in this game. Seeing there’s a flowchart, it’s easy to navigate and see where you’re actually going. Each character has a “Happy End” and “Merry Bad End” which you both need to go through to get the trophiesーif you’re a platinum achiever, that isーplus to give you more sense with the plot this game has. _φ(・_・

2017-04-30-083959Hiroya (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) ー his real name is Hiroya Tachibana; is Kazuha’s childhood friend. He hasn’t spoken to Kazuha ever since the accident they had during their childhood until Shiki’s disappearance. He’s a rookie player when it comes to playing Arcadia. Back when he was still a newbie, Shiki helped him out in leveling and getting accustomed how the game works and its system. He tries his best to be helpful despite him being a weak mid-level gamer. He has a huge crush on Kazuha ever since they were kids even until now. 😂

2017-05-01-200143Radius (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) ー his real name is Rei Aijou; is a popular idol known in the real world. He holds one of the Trinity Swords, the “Magic Sword of Glacies”. He’s a solo player and refuses to join any party invitation because of a past he can’t forget. As a result, he has a cold personality and refuses anyone to be casual towards him but is still a good guy once you get to know him. He’s an addict gamer that has been playing Arcadia ever since it’s beta test even after it was officially released to the public. He’s a notable player who is one of the highest level  and strongest players you’ll hear from both races in-game.

2017-05-02-030035Zain (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) ー is a non-playable character or NPC in-game who is rather peculiar from the common NPCs. He has like a soul of his own where he acts and decides on what he wants to do. He has no idea who he is completely that he would think it over a lot but is connected to the game’s system network. Apparently, he seems to be quite drawn to Kazuha for some reason. He’s mostly seen in Adventure’s Town and is known for giving out low level special quests to players who wants to go back to the real world for a certain amount of time.

2017-05-02-192122Astrum (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) ー his real name is Toru Asou; is an awkward introvert and is the top #2 student in his university in the real world. He sometimes talks so fast that he has to catch his breath afterwards, lol. He holds one of the Trinity Swords, “Divine Sword of Lumen”. He’s the leader of the Angel race as he is well respected and admired by his fellow race. However, he gets into his role-playing way too much that they find it cringe-worthy sometimes. He’s an addict gamer as well that has been playing Arcadia ever since it’s beta test even after it was released to the public. He’s another notable player who is one of the highest level and strongest players you’ll hear from both races in-game.

2017-05-01-140619Demento (CV: Umehara Yuuichiro) ー his real name is Minato Karasuba; is a part-time store clerk who works for money just to live in the real world. He’s a fallen angel PK-player who kills players in Arcadia for the sole reason to satisfy his pleasure for blood and the sight of a person’s terrified face who is on the verge of death. It seems he has a connection with Astrum because they seem to know each other in the past. He became a PK player on his own verdict because he seeks the satisfaction he needs for his own pleasure.

2017-05-03-205351Libera (CV: Hanae Natsuki) ー his real name is Riku Yuuki; is Natsu’s little brother who is admitted to the hospital because of his poor health. Don’t make his looks deceive you because he’s a G.I.R.L aka “guy in real life”. He uses his girly looks to get free items or loots from his “close” friends in-game. He also tricks new players, sometimes, just to get something out of them by pretending to be nice and all, lol. He honestly doesn’t like to fight battles as he would  rather stay at a safe zone and let other players handle it. He’s a nice guy though just that he has a past he can’t move on with.. (´;Д;`)

2017-05-03-234956Poyo-poyo (CV: Toriumi Kosuke) ー is a little demon monster who shares any intel he has to playersーof course, for a price. He randomly pops up anywhere if it has something to do with Kazuha though, lol. He’s cute for a little intel demon. He mentioned he’s nice when it comes to cute girls, lolーPoyo-poyo please. Also there’s.. more to him than just his little cute appearance though.. 🙃🙃🙃

Art & Music : I’ll talk about the music first used in Period Cube because IT IS JUST PHENOMENAL!! As a start, here’s Period Cube’s OP with the title “Ibara no Rakuen” by Joelle

Good song, isn’t it? I honestly don’t skip the opening when I start the game. The soundtrack is just simply amazing! It was an awesome MMORPG experience from leisurely fun moments to intense fights and boss battles and finally to the soft heartwarming piano that fits perfectly at every scenario in all routes. Otomate truly brought forth the RPG feels for the world of Arcadia to us. My favorite track from Period Cube’s OST is the piano bgm which is titled as “あなたのそばで” and it just eases my soul so much. ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

2017-05-01-211128The art used for Period Cube are works of Kuroyuki! She also worked on the art for Rejet’s Black Wolves Saga where I first got to know her works. I find her works appealing because it mostly fits with dark themed game and I find it pleasing to my eyes. Though the only problem I have is the inconsistenty specially the anatomies felt off in some graphics but that’s just me. In the end, the art still fits well with the game most especially the “Merry Bad End” CGs. (*´꒳`*)

Enjoyment : Period Cube is fun in its own way but lacks a solid story plot which was easily overshadowed. Otome fans will still find Period Cube enjoyable if you’re an online gamer or watched Sword Art Online at the very least. The characters are likable and relatable at some points within the game. Pretty sure you’ll enjoy a certain salty gap moe megane and thirsty hot idol here which I, for one, did to be honest, lol. The user interface, game system and music are what I found appealing in Period Cube. You can see the sprites moving and felt like they’re breathing also, pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. It was honestly a nice touch so good job Otomate! Also thank God they have a jump feature and a flowchart! It was pretty much easy to skip on some parts which was a life saver. ( ;∀;)

As for the translations, Period Cube may not be the best one we got as it wasn’t that bad BUT it could’ve been better than what they released to us. I have some complains over it but I’ll just share the worst onesー

I just find this really off to be honest. The original line was「はははは!お前、本当緊張なさ過ぎ…!」which is supposed to be “Hahaha! You really have no sense of decency..!” so I was really confused at this part.. (๑•ૅㅁ•๑)💦

I really didn’t get it at first until I had to remove unnecessary words that made it confusing. Also I don’t know why they translated Radius’ sword 「魔剣グラキエス」 to “Infernal Shadow’s Edge” ; it could’ve been much cooler as “Magic Sword of Ice” to be honest. So now I just wish Aksys could at least double checked everything before releasing the game. I’m okay with delays so long as we got a decent localization because there were still notable grammatical errors, missing words as well as missed out lines at some parts in the game and that’s just about it. Then, uhh.. I guess the thirst the guys have? LMAO. I mean, I only enjoyed my best boy’s thirst like he waー //slapped (ㆀ˘・з・˘)

I don’t think I’ll be attached to this game that much so if you’re looking for a play order here’s my recommendation :

Recommended Play Route Order:
Hiroya ~> Radius ~> Zain ~> Astrum ~> Demento ~> Libera ~> Poyo-Poyo

I highly suggest leaving Libera and Poyo-Poyo as your last two routes because they contain most spoilers that connects well to the story plot. As for a first route, it’s best to have it with Hiroya in my opinion but you can choose either from the 5 and just leave Libera and Poyo-poyo as the last 2 routes to go through. Though, if you don’t want an order, I can suggest to play blind if you want to enjoy it as well as the surprises and plot twists it has! Poyo-poyo route is locked anyway so.. (‘ω’ ✌︎ )

Rikka’s Final Thoughts

My final thoughts? Uhh.. So.. Did I just really played an Otomate game? I mean, it honestly felt like I was playing a Rejet game to me, no kidding. Well with that, I’m finally done with Period Cube! The game’s surprisingly short to be honest as you can finish it within 2-5 days if you’re a fast player. It took me about almost 4 days to finish it for 100% platinum completion so I was able to finish it quickly. I did enjoyed the game at some parts even though it honestly just lacks a solid story plot. Probably because I was into online games way back so MMOs interest me. 😂

Before I talk about the rest of my thoughts for this game,
here’s my overall best route and best boy rankingsー2017-05-02-010253

Best Boy Ranking:
Radius~> Astrum ~> Libera ~> Poyo-Poyo/Hiroya~> Demento/Zain
Best Route Ranking:
Libera ~> Radius ~> Astrum ~> Hiroya ~> Poyo-poyo ~> Zain ~> Demento

RADIUS IS MY BEST BOY!! I love Radius. I actually kept seeing on my twitter timeline that most of my friends have Astrum as their best boy. I also love him but I just love Radius more. Also Kazuha isn’t a really good heroine for me.  I wanted to point this out because she’s passive and lacks “common sense” almost all throughout the game. I actually felt she was at her best at Radius’ route. Also I wanted to know more about Forte but they only gave us a few details about them which was a such shame. By the way, I never thought I’d see a “Rejet Onii-chan” in this game, LOL. If you know what I mean by that, I was really shocked to see it really likeー

I’m still surprised about it.. And surprisingly, I have Libera as my 3rd best boy! His route was honestly the best one out of all routes! It was well written specially with the solution he came up in his route. It was the smartest one I’ve read over all routes and completely relatable to the situation. I’m just bitter at his “Happy End” but I understood why his CG was like that so it was already okay for me. He’s so ikemen at that end by the way, I love it. I wanted more scenes with him, I cry. ;; w ;;

I still have many unanswered questions about the story but I just didn’t bother further in the end. I got the gist of everything so it was okay. I honestly like the concept of it being a MMO otome game but I wanted more out of it than what Otomate gave us. I usually think deeper when it comes to story concepts about the games I’ve played, lol. In all honesty, the story for Period Cube could’ve been better than the final product. Making use of latin wordsーAmadeus (God’s Love), Glacies (Ice), Lumen (Light), Arcadia(Garden of Eden) and such was actually good because even the skill names are latin, lol. These words have deep meanings behind it which you’ll understood the story concept is like this. Again, that’s just me. 🙃✨

Well, that’s the end for my otoge review! I hope I didn’t missed out on anything I needed to say about this game.. Oh right, I almost forgotーyou may wonder why some things that I wrote here are different from the game even though I played the localized one. That’s because I mostly relied on the audio when I was playing and still found mistakes in the translations. So if you guys want to look at my live tweets of Period Cube via Twitter, the tag is #Arcadiaの鳥籠 and I compiled a moment just for the important ones so feel free to check if you want toー

It has spoilers and translation nitpicking though but still contains lots of me fangirling so I apologize in advance. Don’t worry though, I don’t post any spoiler CGs when I do livetweetsーjust some spoiler screenshots is all, lol. So I’m wrapping this up here and start working on the next one about the recent otoge I finished because I need to let out the “pisseth off” I got from it. You just.. have no idea. 😂🔥

Overall, Period Cube was fun but I don’t think I’d recommend it instantly to otome fans. I’ll only recommend Period Cube if you’re into MMO otome game concept as well as if you somehow enjoy Rejet games because of that one certain route but that’s it, lol. And that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this review and I’ll try to post more in the coming months. Seeing you won’t see me post any livetweets of my gaming much once the month of June starts so.. I’ll see you guys until the next one! I just hope I’m not.. lazy is all.. _(:3 」∠)_


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