Otoge Review : Period:Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~

Original Title : ピリオドキューブ ~鳥籠のアマデウス~
Romaji : Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~

Any texts and images in this post will contain spoilers, you’ve been warned. |_・)

headerPeriod:Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ is one of the otome game titles developed by Otomate which was released on May 19, 2016. It was then announced for localization by Aksys Games which was recently released on April 28, 2017. So finally, another otome game gets localized after Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ and Norn9 Var Commons were released to the West almost 2 years ago. Luckily this year, we’re getting more titles which I’m looking forward to. If you’ve read my gaming plans blog post for this year, I mentioned I’ll be picking up this game eventually. I never expected to pick it up as soon as it’s released though, lol. Nevertheless, I still had two reasons why I decided to pick up this gameー

  1. The game tackles about MMO which is similar to SAO(Sword Art Online). I’ve played MMOs before during my high school years so it did piqued my interest, lol. I was an online gamer before I completely changed to consoles. _(:3 」∠)_
  2. I enjoyed Kuroyuki’s work for Black Wolves Saga so I’m glad to see her new work for Period Cube! I’m looking forward to the dark themed illustrations she drew here for my eyes~ 🙃✨

With that, let’s start with the review for this game~! ( ´ ▽ `




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