Unboxing : Tierblade of Eternity -Lost Chronicle- Limited Edition

After 56789 daysーalmost 6 months to be exactーof forever waiting, the game I’ve been looking forward to for so long finally came home to me today! Yeeeeey!! ♪L(´▽`L )♪ Continue reading


2017 Gaming Plans

The year 2017 is said to be the year of otome games as we have a lot of otome games that’ll be localized in English to expect. Well currently seeing the list I’d pretty much say its a lot really for this year. My gaming plans this year won’t just be composed of just otome games as it’ll also include RPG ones as well as other games I’ve been anticipating ever since the past year. Be warn that this is gonna be a long post that’ll contain lots of heavy youtube links, you’ve been warned, alright? |_・)

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