Translation : Sengoku Night Blood ~ Ishida Mitsunari (Awakening)

Heya guys~! I’m back for another blog post but this time its just a scene translation from the recently released mobile game app by Otomate, Sengoku Night Blood! The game’s fun so far and I’ll review it once I’ve all chapters and cleared all of the main battles. I’ll be sharing my precious boy Ishida Mitsunari‘s Awakening scenario so hope you guys enjoy reading this! (*⁰▿⁰*)

NOTE : DO NOT USE/POST THIS ELSEWHERE. You may ask permission so long as you credit them to ME or THIS BLOG. 🤔🙃 You can link the translation to this page/post which is okay. Just don’t distribute or copy this actual translation. I have my ways on finding out if someone did so.. 😏

Ishida Mitsunari 3☆ / 4☆ / 5☆ Awakening

You : ( *sighs* ..still halfway, there. It felt like I was working for quite a long time though.. )

I started to help out Mitsunari-san since this morning,
until I noticed that it had been around noon already.

You : ( I’m already accustomed in helping with Mitsunari-san’s work but the space between us, really.. makes me a little nervous. )

Mitsunari : … …

Feeling his gaze, I raise my face and my eyes
met with Mitsunari-san who was just watching me.

You : Um.. Mitsunari-san?

Mitsunari : … …

You : ( I wonder what happened.. C-Could it be that I should continue to work as quickly as possible?! )

You : ..I-I’m sorry! I’ll finish my work soon!

Mitsunari : ..A-Ah, is that so. However, please don’t get careless as to make a mistake.

You : I understand. I’ll be careful.

Mitsunari : ..Please do.

You : ( Okay, let’s focus on avoiding mistakes and continue to work..! )

You : ( ..What’s this? I feel Mitsunari-san’s gaze again from here. )

Mitsunari : … …

You : ( Huh.. He looked away as soon our eyes met for a moment. I’m worried but for now I need to focus on my work. Concentrate, concentrate.. )

You : ーokay!

Mitsunari : *clears throat*

You : ( T-That instinctively came out of my mouth.. Moreover he was watching..! )

You : Well.. About just now, please don’t worry about it..

Mitsunari : ..Right.

You : ( Geez.. That was embarrassing. I should regroup my mind for workー )

Mitsunari : *papers topple down* Ah..

I turn to look towards a small voice,
Mitsunari-san was collectively picking up the bundle of papers that fell to the floor.

You : A-Are you alright? Mitsunari-san, somehow you look different from usual..

Mitsunari : N-No. I’m the same as always, the usual. Do not worry, please continue and return to your clerical works.

You : But..

When I saw Mitsunari-san’s desk,
blank papers and materials were still spread out.

You : ( ..I don’t think he’s doing any work at all.  It’s unusual for Mitsunari-san, I wonder what’s wrong? )

You : No, it’s not the usual Mitsunari-san. Because.. it doesn’t look like your kind of work.

Mitsunari : T-This is..!

Mitsunari : I was taking a little break is all. If I concentrate, it’ll end quickly.

You : If you concentrate, could it be.. That working with me in the same room, is bothersome for you?

Mitsunari : ..Of course, one can concentrate if they’re alone. I’ll also progress to work accordingly.

You : ( So being in the same room with me is bothersome for Mitsunari-san.. )

You : ..Then, I’ll just help someone else with their work. If you need anything, please call for me.

You : ( If working with me in the same room was bothersome, I wish he could’ve just told me.. )

You : Well then, please excuse me.

Mitsunari : *hugs you from behind* please.. wait.

As I was about to leave the room,
Mitsunari-san’s arms surround my body as to control my movement.

You : Mitsunari-san? ..Isn’t it bothersome for you if we’re together in the same room..?

Mitsunari : Have I thought of it that way..?

Mitsunari : If I really thought it was bothersome, I would’ve refused your offer to help.

You : ( What a relief.. It’s not because he doesn’t want to be in the same room then. )

You : I’m a bit pleased when you pulled me to stop.

Mitsunari : ..Hmm. I didn’t want you to think it’s unpleasant with just the two of us.. That’ll be troublesome.

You : ..Then why did you look away as if you’re avoiding me..?

Mitsunari : ..Did you think that I won’t do anything if it’s always just the two of us?

You : ..Eh?

Mitsunari : ..This is your fault you know. It’s because of this sweet smell that’s adrift.

Mitsunari : The very thing that made me unable to concentrate with my work, how you make me completely uneasy.. It’s because of this smell.

You : ..hyaa..

Immediately after, Mitsunari-san’s arms put in a bit force as its wrapped around my body,
the agitated heat is transmitted all over as he pierced his fangs on the nape of my neck.

Mitsunari : *sucks* nn.. ha.. At this rate, it seems your blood will make me end up in a delirium.

Mitsunari : ..It’s because of you that the schedule after this goes amiss.

I had to proofread this for like 10 times because Mitsunari uses big words, I cry. You’ll know why I had to proofread it many times, lol. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this translation and this was special because I only plan to translate scenes of my best boy if I feel like it. And yes, Ishida Mitsunari is my precious boy in Sengoku Night Blood and I love him so much. (ㆀ˘・з・˘)

So I may try to translate his card stories also but I just hope I’m not.. lazy is all.. I’ll TRY really, don’t get your hopes up though. I still need his 4-star card so.. hopefully he comes home soon. Mitsun, please come home soon. Anyway, that’s it for now! I should work on my other reviews.. So I’ll see you guys until the next one! (‘ω’ ✌︎ )


2 thoughts on “Translation : Sengoku Night Blood ~ Ishida Mitsunari (Awakening)

  1. hunny says:

    Most of people love his character due to his seiyuu but I see you love him without knowing his seiyuu, I feel blessed

    Thank you for your translation!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rikka says:

      You’re welcome! >w<

      Yea, I also agree with you that people love his character because of his seiyuu. For me, I really love and enjoy his character without knowing the seiyuu. Why I fell for him so his seiyuu is just like a bonus for that. (〃ω〃)


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